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December 2021



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bad muppet moment

Kermit: "You dated Ethel Barrymore?"
Statler: "No, Lionel."

This is making me reassess the whole Statler-Waldorf relationship. And you know, Waldorf has a wife, Astoria. Who is, I believe, Statler's sister.

How decidedly unsavory.


What with Burt and Ernie's relationship causing such uproar, I do hope the fundies don't make the connections you've made.

Fozzie: "I can't do my monologue! A tree ate my cue cards!"
Although it is not beyond a bunch of crazies to troll 30 year old sources in search of outrage, the line in question comes from the first season of the Muppet Show, of which excellent DVD lately, and which originally aired, um, in the 1970s. (Can't remember -- I think it was 1976.)

If they are going to protest that line, then they will also want to get a gander at Ben Vereen, in pink leather trousers, singing Mr. Cellophane. (This is disc 3.) I mean, I think it is cute, but, I am not a crazy.

Ben Vereen in tight pants.

I'm sorry, were you saying something?
You mean they weren't> a couple? That picture of them holding hands in their box seats was fake? I'm shocked! Shocked and disappointed...

There's also an icon waiting to happen in Gonzo fighting off the triffid, shouting "Help! Bush Running Amok! Bush Running Amok!"
I think I need an animated icon of Animal going "Deadline! Deadline! Deadline!"

Should anyone out there be so inspired to create one, she said, being wistfully icon-inept...
It might could happen. *g* I need an Animal icon anyway...
...I'm in love. Can I use it? (I mean, if I credit it?)
But of course. *g*
I figured a NO NO NO was better than a YEAH YEAH YEAH for these purposes.

He gets awfully blurry when he's thrashing....
I know which episode you just watched....
The trauma
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I desperately want your Beeker icon!!

(my car is named Beeker because the horn goes mee!mee!)
Hee. Sure, feel free to use it. *g*
ooooh thanks! (that's twice in one day!!)

If I can ever make you an icon in return, let me know... I've made a bunch of "signatures" for some of my crackhead City of Heroes buddies...
>Astoria. Who is, I believe, Statler's sister.

Probably just Statler in an ill-fitting blond wig and pancake make-up.
Actually, yeah.

A world of No.
*chokes on her coffee*


I was just hinting to my church's stewardship committee that it might be nifty were this year's campaign to be muppet-themed... (we just did Harry Belafonte's "We Come From the Water" for water communion, which our choir director had learned from the show)

This would be after the Harry Potter service right before Halloween. The children's choir is TOTALLY geeked about getting to sing "Something Wicked This Way Comes" during worship. ;-)
What am I missing? Waldorf is married to Astoria, who has a brother, Statler, who once dated Lionel Barrymore. Waldorf and Statler are brothers-in-law and good friends.
Until you realize that Astoria is Statler in a wig. *g*
Aaaaahhh . . . yes, I see.
Yeah, when Ian and I got to that line, we had to pause the DVD for a few minutes for our brains to catch up.