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BPAL: Inferno, serendipitous cat update

BPAL Description:

The Dark Side of Fire: cinnamon, bitter almond, and neroli. Heavily spiced, torrid, and possibly conflagrant.

My Notes:

Vial:  Cinnamon orange marzipan. I can tell this one will make my hungry, too.

Wet:  It's still cinnamon orange marzipan. But not quite as strong as I'd like. The neroli is emerging, and it smells like... good lord, it smells like Bee & Flower sandalwood soap.

Drydown:  Sandalwood soap. And I didn't even use the sandalwood soap today, so I know it's the perfume oil.

Dry:  Well, at least this won't make me peckish.

The cat potentially known as Illya came up to the screen door today to touch noses with Mithrandir.

He scampered as soon as he saw me. But he seems to have decided that the gray cats are friendly, since Kit caught him in the back yard with Mebd the other day.
Tags: bpal, serendipitous kitty update

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