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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

More proof that all spies use the same tailor

I've reached the color episodes of the Avengers, (which is also where the show starts to get truly bizarre) and I feel the need to hop a time machine and run back to explain to them that a color camera is a privilege, not a right. Specifically, I'm pretty sure Steed's shiny red gabardine suit with velvet collar-back is made from the lining of Kelly Robinson and Illya Kuryakin's legendary nearly-identical bad burgundy jackets.

As I mentioned somewhere before, it's a Known Fact that this is because Del Floria (London, New York) is the only tailor in the business who knows how to cut over a shoulder holster...

Also, Steed has *quite* the collection of bowler hats. Grey, brown, tan, black--



I never knew there _were_ color episodes of THE AVENGERS. They all looked grayscale to me....
Oops. Don't know how that came out as a nonny mouse.
'67 on. *g*
Around here, that change appeared to take place in the mid-80s. *g*
Hee. Now that I have a laptop that plays DVDs I suspect I may never own a television again.
Steed has *quite* the collection of bowler hats. Grey, brown, tan, black--

Unlike the BBJ* Union, the Bowler Hat Union was successful in imposing strict limits on the amount of time their members were able to work without requiring expensive overtime benefits. This resulted in the studios maintaining large strings of Bowler Hats to limit their expenditures and successfully defend against allegations that individual Hats were being overworked.

*Bad Burgundy Jacket. It suffered from a dearth of members and so never had the collective bargaining power some of the other haberdashery unions were able to muster.
And this episode, he has a navy one. And he's back in pinstripes. A sartorial emergency is averted.

This reminds me of the day we got color TV and I discovered what "redshirt" really meant. :-)
It was quite the thing, wasn't it - being able to display all those colors like a peacock. :)

and -- please -- may I copy that icon?
You certainly may. *g*

Also, Steed has *quite* the collection of bowler hats. Grey, brown, tan, black--
I think they're mostly steel-brimmed.... or steel-crowned....

Re: Serenity

Oh, I posted back in July, when I saw it.

Re: Serenity

You want me to find the fucking thing? Argh.

*goes to dig*

Here ya go:


Re: Serenity

des nada. Mostly, it's about how much Mal needs to die under my avenging shovel.

Re: Serenity

He does nothing for me on the sexy front. Much like Ben Browder or Mark Valley, that sort of stereotypical handsome thing is just too bland for me. But Valley and Browder at least both get points for self-deprecating and funny.

And I dislike Mal for the reasons I stated in the comments to the other post. He's way too obviously Joss's Mary Sue, and the narrative has no idea he's as big of a twit as he is. If he was *wrong* once in a while, it wouldn't bother me, if he go deconstructed a little, I could probably enjoy the show despite hating the character.

But it's obvious that the narrative justifies his opinion of himself. Boring. Shovel death. In fact, I get irritated just talking about him.

Re: Serenity

;-) s'awright

Point of order

WASH is Joss' Mary Sue. Which means that, uh, what happens in Serenity shows uncommon strength of intestinal fortitude on the part of the author.