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BPAL: Lust

BPAL Description:

I'm pretty sure I'm going to hate this one, based on the ingredients.

Uncontrollable passion and insatiable sexual desire: red musk, patchouli, ylang ylang and myrrh.

My Notes:

Vial:  musk and sweetness. Huh. The ylang-ylang may be enough to take the edge off all this bitter musky stuff and make it nice.

Wet:  The patchouli is distinct, and a bit unpleasant at first, but it fades off quickly... lasting much longer in my cleavage, of course. The blend on my wrists quickly goes kind of resiny-sweet, like sandalwood except, you know, not sandalwood.

Drydown:  The musk is an undertone, not overwhelming, and as the patchouli drops out it leaves that wonderful ylang-ylang crushed-grass richness behind. I'm shocked. I like this. *g*

Dry:  Surprisingly light and sweet. I like it.

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