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BPAL: Ave Maria Gratia Plena

BPAL Description:

A pale, delicate, truly angelic blend. A scent created to emulate Adonis' halo of beauty: fragile, distant, and radiant. Rosewood with Sicilian lemon peel, red Mysore sandalwood, pale musks, sweet mountain sage and a dusting of lily, night-blooming jasmine and orris.

My Notes:

Vial:  woods and lemon oil. Oh, if only these ever smelled on skin as they do in the vial....

Wet:  Lemon flowers--lemonade sipped under a jasmine trellis. The woods are faint. This is a girly floral that for some reason I don't mind at all. Maybe it's the lemon taking the edge off the sweet, or maybe it's that I love jasmine, and this is rich--redolent, of jasmine. Mmm.

Drydown:  Lilies and jasmine, supported by the sandalwood. Faint tendrils of lemon at unexpected moments. I totally did not expect this to smell as good as it does.

Dry:  jasmine, with an undertone of woods and a lemony top note. Mmm.


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