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BPAL: Santa Muerte

free imp

BPAL Description:

Santa Muerte, Saint Death, is not a harbinger of doom and symbol of entropy. She is the Queen of Mercy, a source of motherly comfort, and a symbol to all sweethearts that love lasts even beyond death. She is a vision of beauty in her own right: glittering rings adorn every bony finger, she is draped in a cloak of the finest satin, and her grinning skull, beneath her cowl, is crowned by a bejeweled tiara. A deep, resonant scent, both comforting and soft: lovers’ roses, solemn chrysanthemum, dark vetiver and dazzling cactus flowers.

My Notes:

Vial:  Vetiver, mostly. An undertone of rot that may be the roses. (Am I the only person on earth to whom roses and honeysuckle smell rotten?)

Wet:  Roses. Graveyard roses, very strong. Wow, I smell like a funeral parlor. But not in a bad way... I don't think this is destined to become a favorite, though.

Drydown:  Roses and chrysanthemum, with an almost woody flower underneath that I think is what the vetiver turned into, though it might be the cactus flowers, though flowering cacti I've met have been sweeter and lighter.

Dry: Just another rose-based floral.

I'm wondering if the BPAL thing has run its course. I found a bunch of scents I liked a *lot* in the first batch, and haven't had as much luck since. I should probably just buy bottles of Fallen, Queen Mab or Medea, Whitechapel, and Bastet after this imp batch, and maybe Jabberwocky and Xiuhtecuhtli, and call myself happy.
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