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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Be honest now. This is for posterity.

The Writer at Work:

[14:17] chance88088: BOOM!
[14:18] tanaise: it would have been more dramatic if you'd not been here 6 minutes ago
[14:18] chance88088: piffle
[14:20] matociquala: *squeals belatedly and hides in the koi tarn*
[14:20] tanaise: we have a koi tarn?
[14:22] matociquala: For about a month now.
[14:22] matociquala: Since the House of Usher sank into it
[14:23] matociquala: I think it's part of the Halloween decorations
[14:23] chance88088: we have a house of usher?
[14:23] tanaise: we did.
[14:23] tanaise: It was probably Lisa's.
[14:23] matociquala: Yeah, not any more.
[14:23] tanaise: Where do you think the twinsest comes from, after all?
[14:23] matociquala: Anyway, it's better than a koi gutter.
[14:23] chance88088: damn, i missed it
[14:23] matociquala: You can do laps.
[14:24] tanaise: It's still there.  It's just...flatter than it was.
[14:24] matociquala: And when people go lie facedown in it, they don't come back.
[14:24] matociquala: Except as bubbles.
[14:24] chance88088: so if we pushed you in ....?
[14:24] matociquala: Bears can swim.
[14:24] chance88088: not unconscious bears
[14:25] matociquala: *gets a helmet*
[14:26] tanaise: *chloroforms*
[14:26] chance88088: well we'd need more celias to pull it off
[14:26] chance88088: or perhaps not
[14:26] tanaise: hold on. 
[14:26] *** two3rdswater has joined the chat.
[14:26] tanaise: there we go.
[14:26] chance88088: now is the time to be nervous, bear
[14:27] tanaise: I could probably even manage a third, but that would take extra energy from the work I'm still pretending to be doing.
[14:27] matociquala: If it means that much to you, go ahead and drown me. *g*
[14:27] matociquala: I can be a team player.
[14:27] chance88088: eh i dunno if i could take the italics
[14:28] matociquala: That's your choice to make
[14:28] chance88088: maybe if the mode of death were more spectacular
[14:28] chance88088: can we dynamite you?
[14:29] tanaise: ooh!  like fish!
[14:29] chance88088: we dynamite fish?
[14:30] tanaise: what, you think they just fall out of the sky naturally?
[14:30] chance88088: yes


Aww, I miss all the deep meaningful stuff. *pouts*
Me three.
well, we never actually got around to the dynamite, so there's something to look forward to. Bear laughed tea out of her nose, and Chance decided that was as fullfilling as killing her, plus no italics, so we postponed the death until later.

mode of death

All thats missing is unicornprincess *eyes chat* to make this perfect.

[14:29] [info]chance88088: we dynamite fish?
[14:30] [info]tanaise: what, you think they just fall out of the sky naturally?
[14:30] [info]chance88088: yes


Oh, great. I just woke up the whole office. I so can't explain why I'm laughing so loudly...
I'm just glad no one was around to listen to me snorting!