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Be honest now. This is for posterity.

The Writer at Work:

[14:17] chance88088: BOOM!
[14:18] tanaise: it would have been more dramatic if you'd not been here 6 minutes ago
[14:18] chance88088: piffle
[14:20] matociquala: *squeals belatedly and hides in the koi tarn*
[14:20] tanaise: we have a koi tarn?
[14:22] matociquala: For about a month now.
[14:22] matociquala: Since the House of Usher sank into it
[14:23] matociquala: I think it's part of the Halloween decorations
[14:23] chance88088: we have a house of usher?
[14:23] tanaise: we did.
[14:23] tanaise: It was probably Lisa's.
[14:23] matociquala: Yeah, not any more.
[14:23] tanaise: Where do you think the twinsest comes from, after all?
[14:23] matociquala: Anyway, it's better than a koi gutter.
[14:23] chance88088: damn, i missed it
[14:23] matociquala: You can do laps.
[14:24] tanaise: It's still there.  It's just...flatter than it was.
[14:24] matociquala: And when people go lie facedown in it, they don't come back.
[14:24] matociquala: Except as bubbles.
[14:24] chance88088: so if we pushed you in ....?
[14:24] matociquala: Bears can swim.
[14:24] chance88088: not unconscious bears
[14:25] matociquala: *gets a helmet*
[14:26] tanaise: *chloroforms*
[14:26] chance88088: well we'd need more celias to pull it off
[14:26] chance88088: or perhaps not
[14:26] tanaise: hold on. 
[14:26] *** two3rdswater has joined the chat.
[14:26] tanaise: there we go.
[14:26] chance88088: now is the time to be nervous, bear
[14:27] tanaise: I could probably even manage a third, but that would take extra energy from the work I'm still pretending to be doing.
[14:27] matociquala: If it means that much to you, go ahead and drown me. *g*
[14:27] matociquala: I can be a team player.
[14:27] chance88088: eh i dunno if i could take the italics
[14:28] matociquala: That's your choice to make
[14:28] chance88088: maybe if the mode of death were more spectacular
[14:28] chance88088: can we dynamite you?
[14:29] tanaise: ooh!  like fish!
[14:29] chance88088: we dynamite fish?
[14:30] tanaise: what, you think they just fall out of the sky naturally?
[14:30] chance88088: yes

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