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Progress notes for 6 October 2005:


New Words: 3,078
Total Words: 8,922
Notecards myrtilized/remaining: 4/11
Pages: 39

Yep, almost 9000 words, and half the plot to go. You know, I've never actually written a novella before? I've written a long novelette--"This Tragic Glass"--and originally, A Companion to Wolves was supposed to be a novella, but it got away from us and became a novel (a 100K novel, too.)

So this will be a first.

No wonder I couldn't find a way to write this thing when I was trying to keep it under 10K.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8,922 / 20,000
Reason for stopping: sleepy, end of scene, and nearly time to go to work.
Mammalian Assistance:  none
Stimulants: hazelnut tea
Exercise: none
Mail: nomail
Today's words Word don't know: predations, hazardousness, unpeopled
Words I'm surprised Word do know: n/a
Tyop du jour: his hair clenched in the firsts, he heeled with preternatural speed
Darling du jour: n/a
Books in progress, but not at all quickly: Ladislas Farago, The Game of the Foxes; The Adams-Jefferson Letters;
Mean things: opium addiction
Other writing-related work: none
Interesting tidbits: deannahoak on copyediting


BPAL Description:

A vital, bold scent, throbbing with sensuality. Essence of dragon's blood resin, thickened with myrrh and cherry, with a trickle of clove

My Notes:

Vial:  Spicy cherry cobbler. I'm getting vanilla and almond notes for some reason.

Wet:  fruit compote still, but not oversweet. Unlike the scary scary Aglaea, which was like sitting in a sticky peach cobbler while somebody drizzled melted ice cream on my head. This smells like... you know, it smells like cherry Twizzlers. With spicy and musky and resinous overtones.

Drydown:  Light musk and resin, a hint of spice.

Dry:  Fades to a very faint trace of cherry smell.

Tags: bpal, progress notes, short fiction

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