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The weight of the world--

Filet-o-news for the day:

Bin Laden blamed for Saudi Bombings

(cue irony)
Did I miss something? Didn't we just have 2 1/2 wars that were intended to put an end to this madman's menace once and for all?
(irony out)

In news-I-have-control over, I broke page 300 on Scardown last night. And the end of the book is taking shape in my head in typical breakneck "Oh! That's what happens!" fashion. So if I seem a little quiet for the next week or so, it's because the wordcount monster has me by the neck.

In other news-- go, tanaise! Go, kijjohnson! Go, pegkerr! Go, truepenny! Go, katallen! Go, cpolk!

Git them words! Ride 'em, cowgirls!

(And whoever the person I just forgot was, please forgive me... :-P )

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