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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Link Salad

zarq is offering good roundup coverage of the Pakistan earthquake. As is becoming more common, Wikipedia appears to be functioning as a pretty potent news aggregator.

kriz1818 links a devastating fire at Aardman Animation. I've been rooting for these guys for a long time as they take on the Disneys of the world with their peculiar gentility, and this saddens me.

It comes on the heels of a major triumph, though, as Curse of the Were Rabbit hits #1 in the North American box office, prompting fears of a run on Stinking Bishop.

Salon interviews Clarke & Gaiman (free but annoying advert-watching required) (via par_avion)

I like the opening sentence:  Writers are legendarily competitive, and frequently petty about it, as countless romans à clef have shown.

Reminds me of a conversation that took place, I think it was in Sarah Weinman's blog, this year, about how "Mystery/crime writers aren't like that, but I hear SFF is pretty nasty." At which point I piped in and said (tongue in cheek) "The SFF community is generally pretty close knit. It must be over in romance that they all hate each other." And a romance writer stuck her head in and said "Hey! We get along fine!"

So there's your answer. It's those goddamned poets ruining it for everybody. And yeah, I'm looking at you, lnhammer and stillnotbored. Troublemakers. Both of you.

Jonathan Strahan rounds up some short fiction, lassos it and rides it.

meritahut's story has no happy ending.

This left me thinking hard about the nature of community in the Internet age.

As for me, I have a 74-page printout on my desk, which I plan to ignore until the pressure to do something becomes unbearable. I pretty much know what I need to do to fix it, but it requires lingering attention and loving care, and right now, I haven't got either of those things in me. (I expect "Lucifugous" will grow from its current  18.5K to about 20-22K by the time I'm done fluffing its hair and feeding it veggies, and I want to take on that work in a spirit of lovingkindness, because I have discovered that I really, really like Jack Priest. A lot. And I don't want to goof up his story.) So it sits there unfinished until the little gear in my head that says you must do this now ticks over and the flag goes up.

This is a character who will be back. Along with Sebastien and Abigail Irene. Which I guess is good, because I have at least two novel ideas set in this particular continuity: New Amsterdam and Les Innocents.

The first two DCI Abigail Irene Garrett novelettes, "Wax" and "Wane," are forthcoming in Interzone, by the way. It's Randall Garrett with some of the monarchism considered in what's hopefully a complex fashion, meets Prime Suspect with a bit of Conan Doyle on the side. They're not really whodunnits, because whodunnit isn't particularly hard to guess in either case, but more--thematically, for me--meditations on personal and political loyalty and what it gets you.

Because in addition to needing a 20K pseudo-Victorian alt-hist vampire novella, the world needs forensic sorcerers. Lots and lots and lots of forensic sorcerers.

It does! I got a memo!

Anyway, I really like the way Jack came out. He's a keeper. Probably gets it from his namesake, cmpriest.


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The world DOES need forensic sorcerers. I demand it. And hey, I have money!
Poke it back down the well. Don't let that thing out!
Just wanted to thank you for the link (second hand though it may have been ;-) to the Gaiman & Clarke interview over on Salon. Loved it and found it well worth the tedium of the advert.

Thank you again
I'm sorry, they must've hired me to do the portrait, because neither of the writers look even remotely familiar. The drawing of Susanna Clarke looks like Sandra Day O'Connor on the worst day of her life. The drawing of Neil Gaiman looks like a picture of some sort of vacant-eyed pudgy alcoholic.

What I want to know is when my check for the artwork is coming in.
*g* Well, if you have magical crime--
The trouble with poets is they talk too much.
You might take a fall down the stairs, and a poet might come along and say "That's just like life."


the world needs forensic sorcerers

As a big fan of the Sir Darcy novels (yes - Mike did introduce me to those waaaaay back) I'm glad of the tip regarding Interzone.

And Yes. I Agree. The world DOES need more forensic sorcerers. Lots of them! *cackles*
Forensic sorcerers?

:: dies & goes to reader heaven ::
Forensic sorcerers?

:: dies & goes to reader heaven ::

Seconded. :-)
Darn. She's onto me. <looks around shiftily>

Mainstream writers! That's it -- it's the mainstream lit'ry writers!

They don't like anybody!
DCI Garrett stories, so very cool!
>>At which point I piped in and said (tongue in cheek) "The SFF community is generally pretty close knit. It must be over in romance that they all hate each other."<<

An SFF author who would prefer to remain anonymous once commented not long ago that SFF writers not only don't hate each other, they're almost downright incestuous. :D

Anonymous? I'm 80.5% certain it was Ken Macleod.

I wanted to BE a forensic sorcerer when I was a gel!

That was so long ago that the Darcy and Master Sean stories were still coming out in Analog. Thinking about my actual talents, though, I probably would have ended up as some sort of lay Healer. I must definitely read these stories. I bought an otherwise not-too-good anthology of Garrett's work JUST because it had a Darcy story in it I hadn't read.
>It comes on the heels of a major triumph, though, as Curse of the Were Rabbit hits #1 in the North American box office, prompting fears of a run on Stinking Bishop.

The man who makes Stinking Bishop was back in the press this weekend, considerably more laid back and remarking that he is not, in fact, planning to do anything about an alleged 100% increase in demand: "We'd have to hire another employee and build another vat. That would mean knocking down a wall and I just can't be bothered."
Just can't be bothered? Somehow, that seems entirely appropriate.
Forensic sorcerors!

Forensic sorceror? MK swoons with delight. It's just astounding the way you keep coming up with things I really want to read. I wish I were wealthy so I could be a real patron of the arts! I suppose you do too.

Interzone huh? How are us 'Mericans s'posed to read that stuff?

Interzone huh? How are us 'Mericans s'posed to read that stuff? Convince American 'zines to buy it!

Interzone does ship overseas.

Or, yanno, you could sidle up to me at a con and ask to see my copies....
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