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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san



For anybody who plans to be in or about Las Vegas in the near future, I have finally found a reasonably priced sushi restaurant that I like in this city. (There used to be one down on Sahara, but it's long gone.)

Anyway, this place is Zen Sushi. It rplaced the old, not so good sushi place at Lake Mead and Tenaya, and I've gotten their takeout a couple of times, but this time I had the opportunity to go in for the $20.00 all-you-can-eat sushifest.


Some twenty pieces of nigiri, a black widow roll, and two quail eggs later, the chef sorrowfully agreed with me that I couldn't possibly eat another bite. He was bored, I think: I was the only customer at the bar, and we were watching CNN together while he fed me. And he took very goodcare of me.

I threw myself at his mercy, which is what I normally do in sushi bars. And wow. Was richly rewarded with--among other things--some lovely toro, firm and sweet, a cajun seared albacore with garlic chili sauce, and the most beautiful sweet, crispy, beautiful unagi I have ever eaten in my life.

Highly recommended as moderate-priced sushi joints go. Though the sushi place near retrobabble's apartment complex (the one of the startlingly realistic, foot-long caterpillar rolls) and the one that sandwichboy and leahbobet and I went to in January are still the all-time winners.


*drools* Well now, is that another reason to visit or what?
You'll be here in November, right?
Oh, yeah. :D Although how useful we'll be after WFC, I dunno. Do you think the sushi chef provides pillows for the sushi bar?
I'm bringing a bottle of chartreuse. You get to provide the aspirin.
Whee! Done. *packs aspirin*
Aw, the perky cafeteria on Sahara is gone! I'd forgotten! I liked that place, even if it was buffet-style. Good to know there's someplace else.

I am generally loath to eat sushi in a land-locked state or one lacking a certain level of cultural awareness, but Vegas doesn't count. (We of San Francisco tend to have pretty damned high standards for our food; we're so spoiled.)

But if you ever get out this way, boy can we feed you sushi.
Nope, never been to a cafeteria. This was more a minuscule hole in the wall with 5 dollar udon. *g*
mmm, udon! I loves the noodles.

There was some sort of an outpost of a Japanese chain restaurant, largely buffet-style, that IIRC was part of the Sahara mall complex, but had an outside entrance. It had perky anime-esque logos and graphics, buffet-style trays of sushi and grilled-things-on-sticks that were constantly replenished, and an actual menu which I don't recall much of. Found it many years ago during DefCon in a desperate search for edible, affordable food. I'm pretty sure somebody told me it was gone now. For the price, it was pretty good stuff.

I'm sadly handicapped in the sushi world; I am allergic to the darn seaweed, which pretty much means no rolls (and having to feel like a loser gaijin when I have to peel the occasional strip off my nigiri). But I get by okay with a pile of sashimi and nigiri, and huge bowls of udon in cold weather.
...and now, for additional reasons to come to Hawaii I list the following 42 sushi places..
-=Jeff=- <--- sushi, the other, other whit--raw meat?
I'm still boggling at the thought of a Vegas that has ethnic food. Back in my day *cough*, Mexican was considered ethnic and there was one -- count 'em -- one Chinese restaurant in town. Yes, it was a million years ago.... So? Are there any semi-decent sushi joints anywhere near say 10th and Charleston? This may be a visit mom year and it would be swell to have a few restaurant clues.
There is still almost no good ethnic food here. As I said, this is the only decent affordable sushi place I've found here in six years.
Well, should you have spare mealtime in Chicago sometime, I'll take you to my favorite $12 all-you-can-eat maki buffet place. No nigiri included at that price, alas, but you get miso and some lovely tempura green beans. And there's a fancier buffet that comes with several pieces of nigiri and has a few fancier rolls on it, for a few bucks more.
Y'know, I was going to post about that place. Well, we'll just have to gang up on Bear and stuff her with raw fish (oh no! the horror!). Of course, since the minimum on the buffet is two or more people, we'll just have to throw ourselves on the unexploded maki. But it's all in a good cause!
If I could get there I could, you guys and sushi, a super good combination.
Next time you're in Toronto, you have to try Maison du Japon. $13 CDN for all-you-can-eat lunch, including lots of sushi varieties, and also tempura, terriyaki, udon, etc. I had a lovely sushi eel pizza, wizard of oz rolls, mushroom tempura etc.
Black widow roll? And I thought unagi was supposed to be melt in your mouth, not crispy.
black widow roll is soft shell crab and other goodies.

unagi... crispy at the edges and on the fat, the rest falls apart.