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Friday afternoon blahs....

Slow day at work, so I clocked off early and spent the afternoon researching asteroid impacts on planetary surfaces. (You're right--this Does Not Bode Well For Our Heroes.) Between the weekend, next Wednesday off work, and Memorial Day after that, I may have this baby done in draft by the end of May--including the backfill I have to do. The ideas are coming thick and fast, anyway.

Problem with writing novels: the amount of research required to write a novel is exponentially greater than the amount required to write a short story. (ask me about Hardanger-fiddles.)

Corrolary: the reason writers often seem to know everything is because we do. Well enough to fake it, anyway: it's our job, after all.

Faking it, that is.

Hmm. I just had the fabulous idea of using the "private" function of the LJ to save blocks of fiction for use at home if I get really bored.



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