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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

You can still be Marlon Brando. And the King of Rock and Roll.

I checked fifteen things off my to-do list today.

It's longer than it was when I started.

Life is so unfair.

In good news, however, I am now the proud possessor of Singer's Creation's freeware Stickit program. So I no longer have to actually write my to-do lists on post-it notes and stick them to my monitor.

Now I can type them up and stick them on my desktop, over the icons I never use.

If only this sucker supported strikethrough. That would be a damned satisfying program.


Stickies still exists.
ooo! I used to have a program like that! Thank you!

That may have been the one my cube-mate and I had at work a billion years ago. Since we weren't supposed to have Messenger or anything like that, it was very handy, because we could send stickies to each other. (Especially for the LARP we were writing during slow periods at work.) You could make the stickies not be visible while your boss was standing over your shoulder, and IIRC each individual sticky could be "closed" like a window with only a strip visible.

It was a little prone to crashing back gthen (at least five years ago), at least when using that "send stickies" feature. Hopefully it's more stable now.

My to-do lists in Notepad usually get a special paragraph into which I paste the DONE items, including all the things I did which weren't on the list. (At least, things like putting away the dishes, not total slacking stuff like re-reading an Elizabeth Moon novel.)

Being the nutbar that I am, of course, I would get cranky if I was sent stickies which clashed with my desktop.
This is me carefully not gloating about the fact that macintoshes all come with this option built in (Search for "Stickie," <lj-user="the_red_shoes".) Because, you know, gloating would be uncouth.
Yes, but I don't like macs. *g* That's not an unreasonable bias, by the way: I used them at work for many, many years.

...yours for a command-line interface....

(not that I'm actually using one now, but at least all these programs have the same keyboard shortcuts)

I checked fifteen things off my to-do list today.

It's longer than it was when I started.

Life is so unfair.

Story of my life, that. "Welcome, to the real world." ;p
Yay for getting things done!

Boo for getting more things to do.

Yay for me (since you emphatically Don't Read Our LiveJournals) for passing my A+ Exam, and now I can authoritatively say, "If you don't use the icons, feel free to clear 'em off your desktop!" It never ceases to amaze me that someone will go out and buy an HP adware machine, with fifty icons for programs they'll never use, and leave both the programs and the icons to litter the computer.

I'll echo the gloating over Mac Stickies, and further it by saying they've been a feature in GNOME and KDE on Linux for as long as I've been using Linux, which is going on eight years now. As has virtual desktops, for which function I found a utility for Mac, so now I have them on my desktop and laptop. I love my virtual desktops.

Last point: I set my copy of Hammered in the elder thinkling's hands. She's reading rapaciously. I suggested she friend you to watch how you work, and maybe I can get her to use you as a role model, instead of me, in that regard. It's her first foray into serious SF.
She stopped by to say Hi. Seemed very nice indeed.

Mac stickies are all very nice, but as I said above, I used Macs at work for years, and I loathe them. So just keep your religion out of my livejournal, please.

I am not an idiot, and I don't *want* a computer that thinks it's smarter than I am. I also don't want one that makes faces at me. Thanks.

(And once Windows reaches the point where I can't turn off all that crap, and I can't get support for my antique software anymore, I'll be forced to learn Linux, I guess.)

And I think it would be unwise of me to clear the "My COmputer" icon off me desktop. I might want it someday. Unused programs are consigned to the bit bucket pretty quickly, my desktop is not an HP but a home-built (my laptop is an HP, and came pretty stripped-down, actually, although one of these days I'll scrape its OS off and put on something civilized like win2K.

(Still not an idiot: please do not assume I am and condescend to me: see above.) (See? It really does irritate the heck out of me.)

Modem Error: unable to negotiate handshake

I had the luxury of letting this stew for four hours while I was at work, where I can check mail, but not access LJ.

I apologize if something I wrote made you think I thought of you as an idiot. I didn't mean that at all, because I certainly don't. But you complained about unsed icons, yes? That's where I get confused. I'm thinking about the HPs I've seen since I've been working in my job for the last six months, where one half of the 600x800 screen is taken up by icons for "Register with HP" and "AOL Signup" and "Wild Tangent Games," and more. Really. One would think the laptop would practically be free, since AOL and other advertisers have so thoroughly branded it.

Ah, shit. I'm going to wrap this up before I dig myself any deeper. But, heck, I hardly think seriously bad thoughts about anyone, much less actually spew it out in public on their LJ.

Re: Modem Error: unable to negotiate handshake

Sorry I snapped: I was feeling a bit condescended to.

Yes, I said I can stick the post-it note over the icons I don't use. Which, in this case, are things like the "my computer" and "trash" icons, which are not things I use every day.

I just took offense at the assumption that I wasn't smart enough to scrape a "Join AOL Now!" advertisement off my desktop, and the unsolicited advice that it was okay to do so. Because I do know that. *g*

Re: Modem Error: unable to negotiate handshake

Yeah, sorry about the unsolicited advice. Still giddy and full of myself from passing the test. They tried their darnest to sink me, too, throwing all sort of Windows ME (of all things!) questions at me.

And if you do end up switching to Linux, then you'll know who to ask. :-) Just don't ask me to offer an opinion on the KDE vs. GNOME wars. ;-) Coz' it's a nasty affair, that one.

Re: Modem Error: unable to negotiate handshake

LOL! I try to stay out of other people's religious disputes as well....
Yay that song!
Hee. I bought the album on your rec, It's verra good. I think I still like Sailing to Philadelphia a tad better, but we'll see.

I am naming one of the Undertow characters Kroc. Since he wouldn't come up with a name on his own. *g*

Yay for virtual post-its! I have a program called Stickies (though not a Mac) that does the same thing. I do sometimes miss the satisfaction of being able cross things off a list, though.
"I checked fifteen things off my to-do list today."

I like long to-do lists with lots of small items. It gives one such a feeling of accomplishment.