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They make ginger Altoids now.

And I have Stars down to 354 pages and falling. Somewhere in the middle of chapter fourteen I learned how to write a sentence, it seems, so now I only have to rewrite every fifth sentence instead of all of them. I also found at least one long passage I still like a lot, and discovered that the entire plot of the second book, Sea, is Muire's fault. Why?


I grabbed him around the back of his neck, knotted the fingers of my other hand in his hair, and pushed my face in close to his. "You," I said, into a deathly quiet that was broken only by the gasping sound of his breathing, "are going live long enough to make it up to her, you son of a bitch."

That's why.

Yep. It's all Muire's fault.

Boy is she gonna feel like shit when she figures that out.

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