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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Dirt and migrating and more dirt.

via katallenThe Morning News offers excerpts from One-Star Amazon reviews of the Time top 100 novels.

Lone Star Statements.

I gotta say, I'm right there with the guy quoted regarding The Grapes of Wrath.


Heeeee. I love the one for The Great Gatsby. "The doings of fops" indeed!
I'm rather fond of the Catch-22 one. ;-D
Oh, what fun.

I have to say I liked Grapes of Wrath a lot better when I happened to flip through the Cliff's Notes another student left lying around, and discovered that, yes, every other chapter of the book is descriptive blather that has nothing to do with the plot, it's just illustrating more hardship. Those chapters got approximately a half page apiece on the Cliffs Notes. Having gotten an assignment where I was supposed to provide detailed analysis of a chapter which was, literally, nothing but dirt blowing in the wind, I felt a little better knowing that, no, there wasn't some really nifty literary detail I was missing. It was just dirt. (Sad, since I liked a lot of Steinbeck's other stuff.)

And the Faulkner quote was charming.
And the Faulkner quote was charming.

It was! It is! And all too familiar.

Some of these are really quite clever. I liked Mrs. Dalloway, but even so...hee!
Whatchya got against dirt?
...when's the last time you actually played in mud, I think we're not entertaining our inner-children enough with dirt and mud play.
Have you ever been to Las Vegas? One of the things I have against this place is that there is no damned dirt.
Give Reno a try, plenty of dirt there last I visited.
What? You mean Lord of the Flies isn't like the television show Survivor? Aw, man, where'd I put that bookstore receipt.

Thanks, that was a great laugh.

Tolkien geek that I am...

"The book is not readable because of the overuse of adverbs."



And I was amused at the railing about Turkish Delight for the Lion/Witch/Wardrobe.