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and all the world is biscuit-shaped

From a Newsweek review of Anne Rice's new novelStill, you can bet the Devil's going to get the best lines.

He always does. It's in his contract.

The New York Times reviews two Shakespeare biographies. Peter Ackroyd's Shakespeare: The Biography and James Shapiro's A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare.

No, I can't keep up with the flood, either. Man, I'm gonna look like such a trend-chaser when The Stratford Man comes out. *g* At least I got my flag in the Ren-drama hill before the thing peaked, though: I don't have to feel like too much of a copycat.

Now I shall add "Update website" to the to-do list that I'm ignoring like a cat ignoring the evidence of a critical calculation error with regard to leaping from shelf to shelf.

At least I got a second Undertow character named. That feels like a minor victory at this point.

I guess I should make a pot of tea and get started on thus reading I said I'd do, shouldn't I?

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