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The good folks at Random House have an excerpt from Worldwired up on my page there. It contains spoilers for the Bad Things that happen at the end of Scardown.

Fair warning.

from hernewshoes, Publish & Perish. You know, I keep seeing articles about how disillusioning the publication process is the new writers. And they all debunk the same "myths."

I'm not sure these myths actually exist, at least among those of us who come up the hard way. At least, I've not encountered a genre writer who maintains them for any length of time--possibly because we tend to clump, and discuss things, and read blogs like this one, and hang out with drunken, bitter midlisters in convention bars?

Most of us seem to walk in expecting a scrabble, frankly. (I'm looking forward to a future as a drunken, bitter midlister. You can buy me a drink, and I'll tell you all about my failures.)

There just ain't a lot of mystery in mystery, either, or romance, or so I get the impression from reading the crime and romance blogs.

Maybe things are a little more arcane over in lit fic or something. Or maybe the media is inventing these myths so that they have something to debunk, which would be my theory.

docdad is making me homesick. (Pictures at bottom of entry.) WHUMP!


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