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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Tropical Storm Beta looks to become Hurricane Beta.


What happened to Alpha?

Metro is a *great* song.
Alpha got swept up in Wilma and turned into a nor'easter.

Isn't it just? I listened to it obsessively while writing Hammered.
Hrm. I was under the impression that the season officially ends on Nov.1
It just doesn't end. While I'm glad they haven't marched through my front door, one after another, like last year, I keep thinking how awful it is that so many others have suffered because of my relief. Not directly but...

I'm rambling because I can't put into words how awful all of this is.
How many is that this year?

Your prediction seems paltry in comparison now that we're so far past it. Perhaps we should call you Elizabeth "Verne" Bear. ;-)
Well, I never did get to talking about November storms....
I'm worried about it, as it seems to have come at the behest of the scary neocons. I'm hoping that this demonstration of their power over Georgie may demonstrate to the American public a bit more how scary they are.

But I have no faith.
So it got a software upgrade, I take it?
Y'know, naming them this way just seems like asking for trouble.

I'm nobody's beta! I'll show you! Etc.

Maybe I've just read too much about wolves.
ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO! NO MORE HURRICANES! NOOO!!!

(reaction of a Florida resident. Note: reaction does not change if hurricane goes somewhere else)
Considering how many requests that have been in groups I blong to for beta readers, I had to read this three times to register the fact that it'a a hurricane. They could always go for Eliza-Beta, but... Xp You know, with the talk about retiring the name and all. Maybe they should start naming them from the Japanese alphabet (going for the kana) for a while and retire the current order?
http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/aboutnames.shtml is the naming list.

The problem with using kana is that "a i u e o" is exactly the problem they want to avoid, whereat the names would be hard to distinguish from each other in things like radio alerts.

I'm so screwed...

I am travelling to Panama for a conference this week. My flight leaves on Sunday -- apparently just in time for all the fun.

Good grief...

Re: I'm so screwed...


We ran out of names. That's it. Kaput. We made it all the way through the alphabet, something that has never happened before.

This is "plan B."
Whaddya know. Somebody quasi-official answered the question that's been on my mind since it became apparent that we were going to run through the names list and start on Greek letters, that being, "What happens if one of these Greek-letter-named storms becomes so destructive that it merits name retirement?"

Too bad the answer was nothing better than "we don't know yet."
FWIW, Jeff Masters is a meterologist (and a pretty good one), not anybody in a position of authority within the national weather forecasting system. So his comments are his speculation on what "they" might do if the name needs to be retired.