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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Funny Cide!

Good horsey.


I am a good girl. I get a cookie.

Words Today: 3,382
Reason for stopping: Toothpicks under my eyelids beginning to chafe. Also my bad shoulder and my left wrist hurt.

MS Page Count: 325
Word Count (Total Manuscript): 81.5K

I'll bring it in between 90 and 100 K, unless something terrible happens.

There's a place in a novel where it all starts to make sense.

The problem of novels is that the bastards are too big to hold in your head, complete. So you resort to outlines and notecards and scribbles in margins--but on some level, you just have to trust your subconscious to throw you lines when you need them. And when you miss, you go back and fix it later, and pick up the dropped threads, and file off the jutting dead-ends.

But then there's this place. Where the end starts to match the beginning, and the story bends around on itself and links hands. It makes the god-damned middle of the book worthwhile, because it's magic--and heady magic--when it kicks in just right.

75 more pages to go, more or less. The end is in view.

But not, I think, tonight.



problem with novels being too big

to fit in one's head --- I feel like Charlie Brown sitting with Lucy at the little psychiatry booth with my nickle rattling in her jar as she asks me if I have pantophobia.

"That's it!"

::imaginery Lucy flies head over heels::