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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

NaDruReviseNi Update #2

I have just commenced my second bourbon. The pizza isn't hear yet, which means I haven't eaten anything since 1 o'clock. Which was sushi.

I am.... more inclined to be honest than usual. And on page 454 of the first go-over and highlight.


I had almost started liking this book again.


Does this mean we should ask you embarassing questions so you can be horrified in the morning?

Or that you're likely to start editing in things like "And then they all died, the end!" every five pages?
Ask away! Drunken Bear answers Yer Questions!

You know, I'm trying to think of something I wouldn't be embarassed about later for asking. Maybe this means I need a drink.

Something harmless then, but shallow. Tell me about an article of clothing for which you have clothing lust, either something that you say "I must own one of those of my own one day" or that you you feel instantly makes someone of the appropriate gender look that much more attractive.

As it is nearly halloween, feel free to include completely ridiculous mildly costume-y answers.
Wow. And what a hard question that is.

I *love* a good vest.
wcg pointed out this site earlier tonight.

See, this is how dull I am... I'm in the (virtual) company of a charming and witty woman, she's tipsy and has lowered inhibitions, has told me her weakness, and I'm trying to get her into more clothing.

(sorry at the multiple reply attempts, trying to get the html correct. I swear I am sober!)
*lingering sigh*
Generally, I won't tell people what I really think. *g*
I could use a shot of bourbon about now.


(and you could use some food, you used the wrong form of "here" *giggles*)

Actually, I am a lousy typist, and very prone to homophone errors even when dead sober. I can type "knight" when I mean "night." *g* And have.

ditto. I have found several examples in my current WIP. After it was posted at OWW. Yikes! It was embarrassing.


Did you really review 190 pages in an hour?

Isn't that, um, fast?

Re: Wow!

No, I didn't review 190 pages in an hour. *g* I went over my editor's notes and highlighted the bits she had problems with in that 190 pages in an hour.

Breathe *g*

Re: Wow!

Whew! I thought you had an Evelyn Wood revision thing going.
Alcohol, the depressant of choice for thousands of years!

Um. I hope eating happens soon.
no pizza yet!