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bear by san

December 2021



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bear by san

NaDruReviseNi update #3

Made it through the notes. Have realized that, of a seven page editorial letter, 5.5 pages apply to the first 250 pages of the novel.

It's official. Unlike everybody else in this fucken genre, I suck at beginnings and rock endings.

Third bourbon consumed. Commencing pizza assimilation.


Nothing wwrong with good endings! :D
This is going to sound odd, but why don't you take a story that has received precisely these comments, cut out those first 250 pages, and begin from your ending. Take it from there and see what develops?

One of the things that made Steph Swainston's Year of Our War so interesting was that it read as if she'd written volume one of a quest fantasy, then thrown it away, publishing only volume two.
It's a lovely idea, but unworkable in this case. Unfortunately, given the way I write, I tend to start long after the backstory anyway.

This is the second--theoretically--stand-alone book in an articulated series, by which I mean that each volumn informs the others, but they are also hopefully stand-alone novels.

The problem I tend to have is not so much a backstory problem (I did this in Hammered tooo, alas) as this thing where I spend the first third of the novel setting things up....

....and then the other two thirds of the book is those things knocking the next thing over.

The problem is making that first third of the story gripping.

If you'd like to see the MS, I'd be happy to send it to you. Email the usual place....
I don't know what the usual place is....

But re back story and setting up.

Does a reader have to *know* what you are knocking over? Can you have them work it out from what comes next?
Trust me on this one. *g* This is book number thirteen or so, and I lose people in the bushes as it is.

The usual place is listed in my userinfo: matociquala at gmail dot com.
Articulated series. Oooh, I like that far better than roman-fleuve, which sounds like a strange type of virus to me. "Not tonight, honey, my roman-fleuve is acting up again."

Dunno about cutting out the intro. I s'pose part of the issue is how much readers can intuit versus what they need to know for later. Maybe you can set something up, smaller, and knock it down by the halfway point? A subplot? Wait, that would mean more words. Whoops.


social dance. If るいちゃんと私がdance together, けんかになっちゃいそう。