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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

via nineweaving, literature map.

I am loving the one for historian Anthony Beevor: John Keegan, Thor Heyerdahl, Karl von Klausowicz, Daniel Mannix... Terry Pratchett, Neil Peart.

Ahhhh, Pterry, you have infiltrated the military history (and reed raft sailing crackpot) markets. We are so proud of you!

Chasing down Neil Peart, by the way, gives one a range from Dave Barry, Hunter S. Thompson, and Iain Banks (clustered?!) to Aleister Crowley, Kurt Vonnegut, Spider Robinson, Ayn Rand, J.R.R. Tolkein, Isaac Asimov, and... Dan Brown. Which last is off in the lower right hand corner by himself, in apparent exile.

This is such a good toy.

/me goes to look up all her friends!

(ETA: Paul di Filippo has a corona, much like an exploded star. Ursula K. LeGuin gets close marks from Norman Spinrad and D.H. Lawrence readers, and is apparently occasionally read by readers of Ursula K. Le Guin. This is so much fun!!!)


This is such a good toy.

It is a good toy but all that wibbling around makes me slightly seasick.

Interesting to see that it thinks fans of Iain Banks are more likely to prefere Alastair Reynolds than Iain M Banks.
Could be.
Really cool, but not obscure enough. Sulks that Henry Treece isn't there. Or James Fenton. Or.... Maybe encountering it whilst cataloguing the poetry shelves was unfortunate.
I'm not listed either. Such is life.
Shame on them ;-)
I must say I'm amused to find that readers of Lois McMaster Bujold also read Lois Bujold.

I would hope so!
I found it amusing that Anne Bishop was in Jared Diamond's halo.
Huh, no Roy Porter among all those historians?
Literature Map owns me. I just keep punching in author names and seeing what comes up. Usually when they're clustered together the higher the chance that someone would like both authors.
People who read Christopher Marlowe are slightly more likely to like Grant Morrison than William Shakespeare. They read Lord of the Flies and Good Omens about equally. And down in the bottom left-hand corner is this strange little constellation of Neil Gaiman and Enid Blyton.

I like both Grant and Will....
It looks interesting, although the variants in names and spellings and spaces seem to skew results--there are multiple entries for Bujold and Stirling.

But this is neat and I am going to bookmark this. Thanks!
While I was working at b&n I used to play 6 degrees of separation with the stores computers - start at one author, click the 'people who bought books by this author also like..." links at the bottom, and see how long it took me to get to another specific author.

We had a lot of downtime at our store.
The REALLY neat thing is that it's somewhat random. You don't get the same configuration every time you try it. And it's way better at higher resolutions. 1024x768 doesn't allow for a lot of movement, but at 1600x1200 you can get some cool patterns.
and sven hassel shows up a lot... must be eurocentric