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I do so love my job.

[07:29] matociquala: I need help.
[07:29] matociquala: I need a word.
[07:29] tanaise: "dang"
[07:30] iagor: POOPHEAD
[07:30] cpolk: gobbledygook
[07:30] matociquala: It's a word that refers to something ponderous and inexorable, something that's slow but unstoppable.
[07:30] matociquala: Glacial in its grindingness.
[07:30] allochthon: inexorable works for me.
[07:30] tanaise: glacial works for me.
[07:30] matociquala: Unfortunately, none of those are the word I'm trying to remember. *g*
[07:30] cpolk: heh
[07:31] matociquala: They're all the dang words around it.
[07:31] tanaise: Then I'm going back to my original suggestion of dang.
[07:31] matociquala: *uses Celia's word*
[07:31] cpolk: implacable?
[07:32] cpolk: obdurate?
[07:32] matociquala: ineluctable?
[07:32] deannahoak: I know what word you mean, Bear, but I'm blanking on it too.
[07:32] matociquala: implacable is close.
[07:32] allochthon: thesaurus: dogged, immovable,
[07:32] allochthon: ineluctable
[07:32] tanaise: Pleistocene
[07:32] cpolk: hmm.
[07:32] deannahoak: It's going to drive me nuts the rest of the day. :-)
[07:32] cpolk: it's an im word?
[07:32] allochthon: obdurate
[07:32] matociquala: The one I want has a connotation of grinding.
[07:32] matociquala: I am having a Mark Twain moment.
[07:33] matociquala: Freaking fireflies.
[07:33] allochthon: mulish. =)
[07:33] matociquala: *g*
[07:33] matociquala: *looks up "stubborn"
[07:34] matociquala: intransigent.
[07:34] matociquala: Dammit.
[07:34] tanaise: relentless
[07:34] allochthon: indomitable. Is intransigent it?
[07:34] matociquala: relentless is good too
[07:34] matociquala: I think it's intransigent
[07:34] allochthon: intractable?
[07:34] matociquala: but I'm also happy with relentless
[07:35] tanaise: but that's not glacial, cause glaciers move. bad bear!
[07:35] allochthon: *likes obdurate*
[07:35] matociquala: It is moving.
[07:35] allochthon: that's it for my thesaurus page...
[07:35] matociquala: in a grinding weight of history sort of way
[07:35] cpolk: imbenignity?
[07:35] tanaise: the thesaurus says, "Firmly, often unreasonably immovable in purpose or will: "
[07:36] matociquala: Mine lists it as a synonym for relentless.
[07:36] matociquala: *g*
[07:36] tanaise: "Refusing to moderate a position, especially an extreme position; uncompromising. "
[07:37] tanaise: Clearly the word you're looking for is "Steamrollerish."
[07:37] matociquala: remorseless might be useful, too
[07:37] matociquala: Pretty much, yeah.
[07:37] matociquala: Only poetical. *g*
[07:37] tanaise: It's very poetic.
[07:37] matociquala: The combine harvester of history.
[07:37] allochthon: impending, inescabable, irrevocable...
[07:37] matociquala: The cat litter mining operation of fate.
[07:37] tanaise: The cotton gin of history.
[07:38] cpolk: imburied?
[07:38] allochthon: cat litter. Is brain-wormed!
[07:38] cpolk: (i'm just reading the oxford, here.)
[07:38] iagor: the saw of history with a conveyer attached to it on which i am throwing my work's server
[07:38] iagor: maybe it willget shredded
[07:39] cpolk: immantle?
[07:39] iagor: and them maybe someone will make bad sausage out of it
[07:39] tanaise: resistive.
[07:40] matociquala: I think I'm sticking with relentless.
[07:40] cpolk: immercurial?
[07:40] matociquala: maybe glacial.
[07:40] matociquala: and perhaps inexorable.
[07:40] matociquala: I've got a whole paragraph.
[07:40] matociquala: I can do ranging shots.
[07:40] allochthon: tectonic?
[07:40] tanaise: pedantic?
[07:40] matociquala: tectonic isn't bad.
[07:40] matociquala: tectonic may be it.
[07:41] cpolk: mmm.
[07:41] tanaise: plate-like!
[07:41] cpolk: this dictionary is way too much.
[07:41] iagor: tenacious
[07:41] tanaise: Steamrollerish plate-like.
[07:41] cpolk: impacable
[07:42] allochthon: alpaca?
[07:42] iagor: alpaca is a type of wool
[07:43] iagor: I think
[07:43] allochthon: (yes, I know, twas a joke)
[07:43] matociquala: llamable
[07:43] allochthon: well, it's a llama-like critter that has great wool.
[07:43] iagor: (no sense of humor. None I tells you)
[07:43] tanaise: I think that's how you make felt.
[07:43] matociquala: That's not how it made me feel.
[07:43] tanaise: steamrollers and plates and alpacas.
[07:43] matociquala: And I don't wanna be felt by alpacas.
[07:44] tanaise: bigot
[07:44] allochthon: well, they don't spit, ... usually.

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