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I sleep better at night.

I'm safely on the ground in Madison. My underwear almost wasn't so lucky.

When I retrieved my luggage from the carousel, you see, there was much giggling among my flight mates. It being a redeye out of Las Vegas, populated by a grand total of 20 passengers, we had bonded on the way in. There's something about sleeping with a group of strangers that makes you forevermore fast friends.

My navy blue flight bag (usually the navy blue stands out, but everyone else on this particular flight seemed to have one just like it) was strapped together with a good deal of orange gaffer's tape, and bits of shoelace and bra strap were poking out this way and that. A brief inspection revealed that the zipper had broken.

Or perhaps that is the wrong verb conjugation, dear readers, and I should say, the zipper had been broken. (Cue ominous music now.) Because the same inspection revealed that there was now a shiny holographic "cleared by Homeland Security" sticker on the luggage tag.

Apparently, Las Vegas airport security had found it necessary to search the bag. And--being notable for their inability to operate a nylon zipper--just sort of yanked the damned thing open and then strapped it back together again with plastic tape.

At least my fellow passengers had fun watching me untape it, check the contents, and then fix the broken zipper, by hand, in under three minutes. Because, you know, I can operate a zipper. And the nice thing about nylon zippers is that even if you break them, they go back together again unless you've managed to damage the teeth in the process.

My travelling companions' commentary ranged from amused to outraged. I was pretty much too overtired to be pissed (although one woman was quite furious on my behalf) but at least my comment on being on a watch list because I voted for the other guy got a pretty good laugh. (More signs that Bush's popularity is slipping: he also got a good reviling from the crowd at my favorite sushi bar yesterday lunchtime. They cleverly have CNN on during afternoon all-you-can-eat hours, to kill our appetites.)

I'm saving the sticker, though. This sucker looks like it cost plenty. It's all holographic and shit, like some kind of damned furrin' money.

Anyway, here I am in Madison. I'm going to catch another brief nap while I wait for truepenny and potentially katallen to come collect me (I told them they did not have to be at the airport at 5:45 am when my plane got in, and kit_kindred dropped me off at McCarran around 8 for a 12:45 flight, for reasons of him having to get up for work today, so I'm getting lots of practice in my nap-in-airport-terminals-skill.)

This will be posted later today, when I have an internet connection to call my own. So I'm writing to you from the past, sort of.

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