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Road Notes

I'm still in Madison, though WFC is over. I am sore and stiff and tired out and my neck and shoulders are letting me know that they did not appreciate the lumpy hotel pillows AT ALL. I mean, hotel pilws are generally awful, but these were like a case study in the worst possible pillowing. Kind of like cotton sacks stuffed with wadded up dryer lint.

This was my first major convention with books in print, rather than in process, and my first major convention where people had really heard my name, which was an interesting experience. The business side of the con really wound up taking a lot of my attention and energy. Also, it was my first WFC, though, I suspect, not my last, since I promised stillsostrange that we would go out dancing again in Austin next year. And I happen to know that I will be beaten to death with shovels if I don't go to the 2008 con, as Calgary won the bid. And since Worldcon in 2007 is in Japan... not so much a chance of that trip happening.

The convention has already started to recede into a pleasant blur of overeating, drinking slightly too much, rushing to panels and appearances, and the usual convention madness. I saw a lot of old friends and made some new ones, abandoned the con two nights in a row (Friday for a Vienna Teng concert and Saturday to go out dancing at Madison's postage-stamp-sized Goff club, the Inferno.)

Notable events included a Locus interview--a very interesting experience, interviews: they're an exercise in concentrated narcissism: 90 minutes of talking about one's self is always a little odd and exhausting. (As opposed to this blog, which is an exercise in dissipated narcissism.) I hope I didn't sound like too much of an idiot. Charlie and Liza promised to manufacture some controversy, however, which is comforting.

I'll post some kind of a note when it's due to come out.

Of course, there's no rest for the wicked. Now I have to go write a 500 word essay for Subterranean on what I'm reading, and then it's back to the edits on Whiskey & Water. I'm sort of nearly done with those, actually: I have the last two chapters to get through, and then I have two scenes that probably need to be completely rewritten.

I did recieve the cover for Blood & Iron this weekend, and I'll post it over at my blog as soon as I recieve permission from my publisher. Also, I spoke with jlassen about the Night Shade Books collection forthcoming late next spring. I need to rewrite one story I'm not entirely happy with, if I can figure out a way to work around the big garish patch I slapped over a particular plot problem. The collection also has a title now: The Chains that You Refuse, which some of you will recognize as the title of a weird breathless little story published at Chizine two years ago or so.

The reading went well--truepenny and jaylake and I combined resources, bought doughnuts, and filled up a little room pretty respectably. Sarah read a little of The Virtu and I read some spoilerriffic bits of Whiskey & Water and Jay, being Jay, read a rather kickass, poignant little short story about red dirt, secret knowledge and pickup trucks.

ETA: secritcrush has highlights here.

I'm sure I don't know anything about a group of giggling writers and other geeks being shut down by the police for laughing too loudly while round-robin reading the sex scenes out of romance novels in the middle of the night. The brocade Converse All-Stars, however, are a truly stylin' thing, and I bought a pair in purple-pink.

And that was the con.

Coffee break's over: everybody back on your heads!
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