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Cover me. I'm going in.

So. A to-do list appears to be in order. Things I need to accomplish, and a sort of order in which to accomplish them:

Revise Whiskey and Water (guess I'd better get used to not using the ampersand there. Alas! Attention literary biographers, author's preferred title includes an ampersand) and wait for Liz to come back with notes on it so I can probably revise it again. Damned book. (Approximate due date, whenever Liz gets back to me plus a couple of weeks.)

Wait for notes on Carnival so I can revise that. (approximate due date, whenever Anne & others get back to me, plus a couple of weeks)

Rewrite All the Windwracked Stars from scratch. (approximate due date oh, let's say October 1, 2006, just to have a number on the table.)

Revise The Stratford Man for submission (approximate due date January 30th, 2006)

Produce the first fifty pages of Undertow and submit it for approval (hard due date, January 1, 2006)

Write Undertow in all its glory, revise, and get to editor. (hard due date, August 2006) 

"The Death of Terrestrial Radio" (due date, June 2006 but I'd like to have it done by January)

"1796" (due date, June 2006 but I'd like to have it done by January)

"Babylon. And On" aka "Dark on Wednesdays" (due date, February 2006 but I'd like to have it done in January)


And since AtWS is back to stalling me, and I'm still waiting for Undertow to click, (though I need to get back to that soon)... I guess it's back to the Land of Will & Kit's Bogus Journey.

I know you all were desperately missing the endless ponderings on the fine legal details of Elizabethan sodomy and witchcraft laws, and the clever icons featuring Elizabethan quotes about the devil.

I guess that means I should get cracking on the current pile of books on Tudor stage and society, and plow through the rest of the Jonson and Dekker and Kyd and Fletcher (et al) heaped in my to-read mountain. Mmm. And just think, once I'm done with Shakespeare: a Biography, Poet & Spy will be along any moment.

You know, it feels good to have picked a direction.

(Which also means any of all y'all who were sitting on manuscript comments until the time was ripe... the time is ripe. Get 'em in.)


I probably don't need to comment on how much I'm going to miss SCIFICTION, do I?
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