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Nothing like re-figuring out something clever you did fifteen years ago.

I've just remembered something I did so long I'd forgotten it, though it was pretty clever at the time, which is why I couldn't remember how the hell to pronounce the name of the Promethean Age character "Murchaud" when truepenny asked.

So I've been sitting here trying to figure out what the bloody heck I thought I was doing when I stuck that u in his name, and it all came back to me. Specifically, Murchaud has two names. Or more properly, he has a French spelling of a Gaelic name. The proper Scottish spelling is "Murchad" or "Murchadh", and it's pronounced "mur-ach-a, with a gutteral ch as in loch.

The French version would be pronounced in the obvious way, as in Il fait chaud.

Gee, that makes perfect sense, now that I figure out what my brain was doing in 1990 or so when I named him.

And as for why he has a Gaelic name with a French spelling... well, that would be telling.
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