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Dark Echo says some nice things about the Jenny books, and also truepenny's Mélusine:

Elizabeth Bear's Hammered, Scardown [review website spellchecker issue corrected--eb], and Worldwired (Bantam Spectra) were released in January and July respectively with the third due in November, but consider all three as a single 1000-page mass market paperback debut novel.

They also liked Touched by Venom (recently seen sweeping the blogosphere), Elantris, and several other debuts.

And ETA: The Chains that You Refuse is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Pretty good week, what?

ETA AGAIN. You know, when I posted this, there were some little addenda on it about supporting one's local bookstore or ordering through Powell's or another non-chain bookseller, in preference to Amazon. *sigh*

And there was also a cute little comment to the effect of being pleased I was winning the name-recognition wars with the flower arrangement book and the Santa mysteries, though I'm positive they're perfectly nice Santa mysteries and/or flower arrangements, and if you like that sort of thing there they are.


Livejournal is censoring me when I try to be amusing. But who could blame it?
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