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feral cat seduction update

For the last two days, Marlowe has come out and camped on my lap while I ate breakfast with the spy kitties, and either Napoleon (the brown striped tabby) or Illya (the marmalade spiral tabby) has been waiting for me when I brought them their food. They'll now stay at the food and continue eating while I have my yogurt on the porch about five steps away, as long as I wait until they're at the bowl before I go out and sit down and start talking to them.

Also, they think Marlowe is insane. I can read it in their fuzzy little faces when he tries to steal my yogurt.

They alternate days, as near as I can tell--and then, a little bit after whichever one is camped out waiting for me eats and leaves, the other one shows up.

They definitely are sending out recon missions.

And Illya squinched his eyes at me yesterday before he left. This is significant progress in feral-kitty-taming.
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