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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

This is still the funniest line I think I've ever written.

"Get thee behind me, Satan."

A wink broke the horse-trader's appraisal in the Devil's gaudy eyes. :The thought had occurred:

"Are angels equipped for such roguery?"

:Like man, made in God's image--:

"--So God has an arsehole?"

:Yes. He calls him Michael:

Lucifer, getting the best lines since 1590.


...that's one bloody hysterical icon.
*g* I saw it in Utah, and it was the straightest production you ever did saw. But Mephostophilis and Faust had nice chemistry, and there was at least a little nod to the queer subtext at the end.

Not that I was looking for it, of course ;-)
It reminds me of Lynne Truss's "punctuation counts" bit:

"Go, get him surgeons!" vs. "Go get him, surgeons!"
Even funnier when you consider the whole punctuation counts murder scene in Edward II. *g*

Since really, it's Kit's own damned joke.
I seem to remember Carol Queen talking about a punctuation mishap in a piece of smut she wrote. And of course it would be in an important line, at a very intense moment, where one character is, um, exhorting the other to ejaculate. Having the phrase transmogrified from the intended "Shoot, you fucker!" to "Shoot you, fucker!" would be bad enough... but given that the scene in question actually did involve a firearm, it was seriously problematic.
I am reduced to stammering, Poohlike, "Oh, d-d-dear."

Which is even funnier, in context.
Well, at least the cops didn't show up this time.

(I need an icon that says "BUSTED!" Actually, all of us at the room party need one, don't we? And the hall BPAL party, too, for that matter.)
Hah! Mug shots. Anybody got a sticky letter board....?

(What party? Nothing to see here. Move along.)
Hrm. Good point. Bill Gates has one, after all.
Would you, could you, with the King?
Would you, could you, shake that thing?
Bwah and ha.


I wuv oo.
*cackles loudly and scares cat*
*has hysterics*

The antagonists often do, or at least shady characters.

Who is more quotable in the Original Star Wars movies, Han or Luke?

Who has the better lines, C3P0 or Darth Vader?

Well, why not? He gets all the good tunes, too.
Argh. Coffee on the screen again.

Oh dear. Divine... No, I shouldn't mention that. I really really shouldn't.
Okay, I am weak. Divine Interventions. Definitely not work-safe. Follow at your own risk.

I blame my friends for showing me this -- for once, I am innocent. Innocent, I tell ya!
because life without a baby jesus butt plug is not worth living.

My kinks seem so normal, suddenly.
Permission to email this to Mike Carey, please (he writes the comic Lucifer)....
Sure thing, feel free to send him the link. (Or anyone, really, that's what the internet is for.)

He can't have the *joke,* mind you--it's mine, all mine, the precious..... *clutches*