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inside the labyrinth walls, there lies a tiny child who sleeps alone--

Excerpt that amused me today:

The second gallery, of course, and he wondered why it was that he never needed to scale a trellis in dry sunshine and gentle warmth. I wish I'd brought a pistol.

"Aye, 'Marlowe,'" he muttered. "If a sword and black magic won't suffice, perhaps thou should'st ensure thou hast a firearm, so thou canst blow thine own clumsy fingers off when the damned thing misfires."

In addition, I turned in my appreciation of "Bears Discover Smut," which is also, unsurprisingly, an appreciation of "Bears Discover Fire." It's not up yet, but you could go read the other ones. Any day when you get to use the words 'titular bears' in formal writing is a good day.


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