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Having clementines in the house proves something interesting.

I have not forgotten how to juggle.

But I'm not as good at it as I was. *g*

Also, the big dog is fascinated by this whole juggling thing, and chases the clementines around the kitchen whenever I drop them, but he can't figure out how to eat them.

[19:08] matociquala: (I wonder if the Europeans and Australians are at all bemused by the apparent American fascination with clementines, given the paens in praise of them springing up all over livejournal now that they're in the stores.)
[19:08] katallen: yes
[19:09] katallen: they're a fruit you eat between Halloween and the New Year (if the season doesn't keep shifting)
[19:10] matociquala: Melinda, are you bemused by the outburst of clementine love among the Americans on livejournal?
[19:10] melinda_goodin: I am indeed, Bear
[19:10] matociquala: Kat, yeah. I dunno what it is, but it seems like we're all crazy about the damned things. *g*
[19:10] matociquala: Hee.
[19:10] melinda_goodin: It's making me think of that old song, and wonder what it tastes like
[19:10] matociquala: But they're really good.
[19:10] katallen: (but Americans are a bit odd anyhow)
[19:10] melinda_goodin: (they are)
[19:10] matociquala: They're a kind of tiny very sour-sweet tangerine or mandarin orange.
[19:10] stillnotbored: (we are)
[19:10] matociquala: with super thin skin
[19:11] matociquala: really strongly flavored.
[19:11] katallen: (and satsumas are tidier)
[19:11] matociquala: Satsumas aren't as juicy.
[19:11] matociquala: And those are for Christmas, anyway *g*
[19:11] melinda_goodin: sounds rather nice, Bear
[19:12] matociquala: I wonder if it's like a childhood regression thing.
[19:12] matociquala: They're all associated with the holidays and Christmas stockings....
[19:12] katallen: (that's satsumas)
[19:12] matociquala: I should run a poll!
[19:12] matociquala: Satsumas aren't as good. *g*
[19:13] katallen: :P more for meeeeee
[19:13] katallen: (there are bad evil satsumas, of course)
[19:14] katallen: everyone in the civilised world knows that satsumas have the edge over clemantines
[19:14] matociquala: Bah.
[19:14] matociquala: Brits are weird.
[19:14] matociquala: Now, honey tangerines....
[19:14] katallen: except when the clemantines are just right
[19:14] matociquala: those are the clear winner over *all* tangerines.
[19:14] katallen: ::eyes Bear:: honey tangerines?
[19:14] matociquala: mmm.
[19:14] matociquala: They are very ugly.
[19:15] matociquala: With kind of splotchy yellowish skins.
[19:15] matociquala: and sooo good.

Apparently, they are.

Poll #615112 Oh my darling, oh my darling--

Why are Americans unreasonably obsessed with a winter fruit roughly the size of an obese golf ball?

They're Americans. Do they need a reason for anything?
They don't get much fruit.
Ooo! Clementines!
Kat's right. Satsumas are much better.
Hair dye.
It's those little cups of tinned mandarin orange segments they give you in grade school lunches. Those things are crack, man. Crack!
John Lennon brainwashed you all.
Christmas stockings
Perfect size for cat toys.
Organic ben-wa balls.
Clicky Thing!
Santa Claus

More on clementines.

More on citrus in general.
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