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The holiday season is officially underway in the United States. The ever-marvellous Susan Stamberg has begin her radio coverage of Thanksgiving recipes. (And yes, I have tried making the infamous cranberry relish, and yes, it does look like lumpy Pepto Bismol, and I didn't like it very much, but my dad is nuts about the stuff.)

She's foisting it off on Martha Stewart today.

Common Census. This is a very cool idea.

It's USA-conjoined-48-only currently, but what it is, is a project to consensus-map the USA. So <i>is</i> Upstate New York really a part of New England culturally, despite not having the historical associations with the six New England states? Or is it a little bit of the Mid-Atlantic states stranded up by Canada?

The people will decide.

More quotations collected, as I work tonight:

Accurs'd be he that first invented war!
They knew not, ah, they knew not, simple men,
How those were hit by pelting canon-shot
Stand staggering like a quivering aspen-leaf

--Christopher Marlowe, Tamburlaine the Great, Act II scene iv

--and on a lighter note--

What is beauty, saith my sufferings then?
If all the pens that ever poets held,
Had fed the feeling of their masters thoughts,
And every sweetness that inspir'd their hearts,
Their minds, and muses on admired themes:
If all the heavenly Quintessence they still
From their immortal flowers of Poesy,
Wherein as in a mirror we perceive
The highest reaches of a human wit:
If these had made one Poem's period
And all combin'd in Beauties worthiness,
Yet should there hover in their restless heads,
One thought, one grace, one wonder at the least,
Which into words no virtue can digest:

-- Christopher Marlowe, Tamburlaine the Great part I, Act V, Scene i


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