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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

triple xxxocolatl

It's actually chilly enough in Vegas that I was craving this, so I made some. It's good.

Mix cocoa powder and sugar 50/50 and add enough water to make a syrupy substance. Beat with fork until lumps vanish.

Meanwhile, in a pan, bring to a simmer a mixture of half water and half milk that also contains crushed coffee beans, vanilla, red pepper, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and vanilla.

When hot, add A to B. Strain, and drink.

Orange peel, cinnamon sticks, whipped cream, and brandy or whiskey optional. Moaning encouraged.

Careful, it's hot.

I'm still reading Peter Ackroyd's "authoritative" Shakespeare: The Biography. (please note direct article.)

He's doing a nice job of rounding up the various legends and getting them all in one place, at least, and apocrypha are clearly marked. And some of the actual details of setting and history are priceless. (What was the flooring material used in the Henley Street house? Ackroyd knows.) His writing style is clear and engaging, and I am loving the span of his grasp on period history.

But here we go again with the reliance on textual analysis to 'prove' or 'disprove' various lines of speculation. What's especially priceless is that in one paragraph, he'll comfortably dismiss a spate of competent naval terminology with an airy wave of his hand to Shakespeare's teeming imagination, and a bit further on, start claiming that the man's comfort with legal terminology indicates he was a law clerk or scrivener.

Yes, and I'm a linguist from Perth.

Grr. Will somebody please explain to these alleged scholars that writers do, in fact, write about things they haven't done and places they haven't been? And that we do on occasion pop by with a basket of scones and ask the nice neighbor for details of his military service, because it might come in handy to know someday?

Also, at least kick a few leaves over the bias, would you?



CHOColate! MmmMMMM!

May I recommend substituting Serious Real raw cacao, say from the silly folk at the Botanical Preservation Corps, in the mix?

Oh! I just added you about half an hour ago, but I didn't realize you were in Vegas too. :D That'll teach me to add on the basis of journal content and not on userinfo, heh.

I love finding fellow Vegas writers!

Also, I figured you enjoy this icon.
Six years in and counting, though with any luck I'm moving back to the colder end of things this winter. I'm not sure I'll survive another summer in this town.

Yay kermit! And hi!

Linguists from Perth

And all the linguists from Perth, Western Australia pricked up their ears. Who, me? Was it you, Linguist Bob, she was referring to, or me, Linguist Pete? There are only two linguists in Perth, Western Australia, as we well know. We are barely able to speak the language, let alone analyse it. But was she making a joke at our expense? Nay, Bob, thinkest I not. Methinks it was Perth, Scotland she was dosting referring to forthwith.

Or perhaps Perth, Tasmania.

Yes, that too.

That simply sounds too, too good for words. I'll try this over the holidays, I can tell...
Does Peter Ackroyd mention the things Shakespeare got wrong?
that would be a long book.
With that recipe there, I'm going to make my entire extended family bow down and worship me this holiday season. Yes.
Oh. You are wicked. :prints out recipe:

I think I love you.

Shakespeare: The Biography

I saw that in Borders today and was actually going to ask your opinion of it. And now I don't have to. Very well timed there, eBear. Thank you.

The cocoa recipe has been passed on to a friend suffering from the unexpected cold in Atlanta.
*g* It is nice to be of use.

In addition to the cocoa remedy (which in fact generates so much igneous humor that I had to go turn on a fan--hot flash in a cup) may I recommend the following tea for cold sufferers?

In a large saucepan, combine cold water, rose hips, hibiscus, ginger root, and red peppers. Bring to a simmer. Add lemon and honey and brandy. Repeat.

Red Zinger tea with ginger and cayenne in it is an effective substitute.
Said friend does not have a cold, she merely is cold. The high was around 48 or so in Atlanta, not what she's used to.
Mark Twain fell for that garbage. Beause of course he never did any research himself. Oh no. Geeze Louise.

I find Twain's support of Bacon particularly ironic, Twain being a bit of a working-class boy his own self.
Mmm, yummy!
Nah..! I've heard the creative writing teachers, you have to "write what you know" or it won't be authentic, and the reader will see through you.

On more mundane matters:

Chocolate the making of potable forms.

My base is this:

Dark chocolate
Cream to cover

Heat until a smooth sludge is made.

To the sludge add what spices you like (I will make the black pepper and tarragon chocolate, I will)

Add milk to the color desired, scraping the sides of the pan, because the ganache (that's the fancy word for the sludge) coats the sides and doesn't want to leave (one can see me bending to the side and peering at the pan, because I use my visions ware so I can get it all).

Sugar may be used.

If you want real decadance I'll give you the recipe for, Heisse Shokolade mit Schlagabors from the Cafe Mozart in Vienna.

Mmm. ganache.

The problem there is that it's unlikely that I'd actually manage to make any of it last long enough to get the milk in....
Not a problem, by the time the chocolate melts its too hot to drink.

And the milk makes it last longer.