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Ah, the so-called Shakespeare authorship question has finally reared it's ugly head on my blog. I knew it would happen eventually.

Just to get my public statement on the record regarding the whole issue, my considered opinion is that it's boring as hell, and I'm not going to discuss it, or refute it, or suffer myself to be evangelized to. I don't care if you think the plays and poems attributed to William Shakespeare were written by Christopher Marlowe, or Edward de Vere, or Francis Bacon, or Elizabeth Tudor, or Thomas Dekker's dog, or Aphra Behn for that matter.

I'm not part of a great conspiracy to prevent the just recognition of Edward de Vere as the real author of the works in question. I just really don't care.

Nor am I out to prove that Shakespeare actually wrote them. I'm a fiction writer, and what I write is fiction, and I like it that way. I'm not interested in pointless religious arguments on any topic. I don't care what you think, either: I have no investment in proselytizing you or debating with you in an effort to change your mind if you do happen to think it was Ben Jonson and Thomas Walsingham in collaboration. Knock yourself out. Have fun. Write a book; it'll make more money than mine do.

In other words, I'm pretty much with this guy over here, who presents a reasonably solid overview of the issue at hand for anybody who might be confused by my comments above, and want to read about it.

As for me, I'm off the topic. I still reserve the right to mock the hell out of Edward de Vere, however.
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