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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Colored bubbles. How cool is that?

(via suricattus)


This is the most astounding thing I have read all day. I will definitely be purchasing a bottle of Zubbles - and blowing bubbles off my 17th floor balcony. Yeah!

What interests me even more than the bubbles is the dye itself. ..."We have synthesized a whole new class of dyes." Like disappearing ink, but on a much larger scale.

If that temporary hair dye hits the shelves, I will be in line to buy.

We may not have our flying cars and spray-on raincoats, but wow.


How cool would it be to be that guy. Creating something completely new, and understanding the scope of what he had created. Wow.

Am Turning a temporary green... but it disappears in the excitement that someone made it. Made a vision REAL. For COOL.
I love it when things get started as toys and end up as world-changing technologies. Clean glue (the stickiness of sticky-notes) started out as a toy, too.

I admit that I feel - well, full of admiration and interest, but ALSO - a little uneasy at something which people are considering 'gone' when it's no longer visible. There's no mention of how long the molecule remains in or on the 'temporarily' dyed material, or what happens when the molecule starts to break down. The lay science is...very lay. Which is good, because I'm no chemist. But there's no mention of any research on, say, whether the 'closed ring' will, oh, say, open again in four years when the dye starts to actually break down. If it ever does. And if it doesn't, how long does the chemical actually remain on your skin? Does it wash off? They don't care if it washes off or not, because it's become invisible, but if it turns out some people have a chemical sensitivity to it OR there are problems when it senesces, they're going to need to care very much.

But it's still, you know, cool.
yeah, I did a little pondering of that, too.
It fascinates me, really. Here we are, educated adults, and we've got this great big blurry confusion between "I can't see it" and "It's not there." It's not that I think they're not thinking about it, and certainly not that I think plenty of other people aren't thinking about it, but at least in the article, it's really, really blurry.

People are so weird and wonderful. Piaget needs to start over again, I think.
Very cool.

Although this?

Zilch, the villain in black, is a favorite among boys. Girls prefer the pink Zilli.

Makes me seethe with rage.
I would personally go for the black bubbles, myself.
Yeah, I read the print article in a restaurant this week. I got so enthusiastic about it, I showed it to the waitress and the manager when I paid my bill. I think it's going to be big.
This is one of those moments when you blink and say "Hey, the future just happened, and things look different now."

...and then it turns out to be a mutagen. *g*