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A prince's power makes all his actions virtue.

So I went straight from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Immediate reaction, just how dumb ARE these kids? Nevermind the title subplot, which requires painstaking stupidity on the part of everyone involved, but I only read about half of book five and I know who RAB has to be. On the other hand, I actually really enjoyed this one, although I am now pretty much convinced things are going to play out about how I expected. (Please mark spoilers in comments for those still skipping them)) back to Sejanus, which I apparently needed a break from yesterday.

End of act III, and only down one Roman. Really, Ben. Will would have had half the cast in the ground by now. What kind of blood and rhetoric is this?!

Try harder, man!

Afer: He shall have justice.
Silius: Nay, I shall have law.
Tags: literary wank, rengeekery

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