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Many post-Thanksgiving good newses this morning.

First off, via the lovely green_key, Hustle comes to the US. On AMC, debuting January 14th. Best thing on recent television, if you ask me. Admittedly, I don't watch all that much television, but it compares favorably to the few episodes of Las Vegas I've seen, and in my humble opinion it was more consistently good than even the new series of Doctor Who, which I loved. (Other recent favorites of mine include Keen Eddie and Farscape, which gives you an idea of my taste.)

It revolves around a group of slick, somewhat Robin-hood like con men and women as they, variously, take on London's wealthy and corrupt. Very stylish, well-acted, and a lot of fun... and my utter downfall where series television is concerned, oh, the banter, and the witty, pretty boys and girls.

I hope AMC gets the second series, as I haven't seen it yet.

Second, I just got an email from Eric Flint of the new Baen Universe e-magazine accepting my short story "The Cold Blacksmith." I've seen a bit of discussion on the blogosphere as to what exactly Universe is looking for, and I at least can pass along that this particular story is a little over 3500 words, and it's a fairy tale fantasy about the Weyland Smith (long after Olrun left him), a witch who keeps milch goats, and a betrayed girl who sets old Weyland one of those impossible tasks beloved of myth and ballad.

No swordfights. A certain amount of goat milking, hauling cauldrons about in goat carts, however.

It's set before The Stratford Man, but features a character who appears therein and also in Blood and Iron, where Weyland makes a couple of plot-significant appearances, as well.

And I owe katallen mad thanks for correcting the braid Yorkshire dialect throughout, because I could not have done that myself.
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