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When it cracks it cracks

So after I wrote the ending, I went back and looked at the scene I thought I was supposed to be writing.

And I realized that the problem was that I had ended the scene before it too soon, and I needed to have the Big Confrontation Now, and then I could start the denouement.

And that's what's left. Denouement, and filling in some Leah-and-Patty scenes in the first half of the book. And I'm starting to get that --whoah-- sensation, the kind of awe and sorrow that lets you know the book is really nearly done. Which precedes the sensation that comes after the book is really most sincerely finished, which is that your head is an empty house from which someone has recently moved, leaving dust bunnies in the corners and all the cabinets standing open, the freshly patched walls painted white.

And it echoes in there.


Words today: 2499
Total Pages: 355
Reason for stopping: wrists hurt, end of scene. Hungry. Tired. Is that enough excuses?

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