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We had a freeze last night, and this house was built when God was in his heaven and electric heat was cheap, and it's insulated to Las Vegas standards, anyway, which means, pretty much, not--so it got pretty cold in here. This morning when I got up, the Great Dane, Signy, who is both slender and short-coated, was curled into the smallest ball possible, shivering.

So I coaxed her up on the sofa and threw a couple of rugs over her, and when I went back to check on her later, she had retreated under them until just her nose was protruding, and her paw was over that nose.

I just walked through the living room a minute ago, and she's now stretched out with the black cat, Marlowe, sleeping on her butt. He won't sit on her, but apparently dog-under-rug is an acceptable perch.

She doesn't look cold any more.
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