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doot doo, the holy mashup: something for everyone.

Over at elizabethbear, I've posted a brief cut scene from Worldwired.

Merry Kwanzaa/Solstice/Christmas/Channukah/Festive December Non-Denominational Gift Giving Day!

abennettstrong tagged me in the "What seven songs are you most listening to now" meme.

Fortunately, itunes takes the guesswork out of this one, but there's no way I can limit myself to seven.... so I'm going to cheat and split it into male and female vocalists.


1) Everlast, "Blinded by the Sun" I love this guy for his dead-on character studies of working class America, hard choices, and compassion
2) Big Country, "The Red Fox" Fantastic song, with one of the most insinuating guitar hooks I've ever heard. And I love the lyrics.
3) Richard Thompson, "King of Bohemia" If--as I have heard claimed--Tom Wait's "Tom Traubert's Blues (Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen)" is the saddest song in the world, this is second runner up.
4) Mark Knopfler, "Song for Sonny Liston" Which is, of course, just what the title says. A sympathetic portrayal of a man who never got an even break.
5) Iron & Wine, "Evening on the Ground (Lillith's Song)" a feminist retelling of the Fall, from Lillith's point of view. With wonderfully snarky lyrics, sung in a style that alternates scathing wit and breathless beauty
6) Shriekback, "Sticky Jazz" Go on. I dare you not to dance. I dare you.
7) Apotheosis, "O Fortuna (Techno remix)" The official score for the movie trailer that The Stratford Man will never have. (stuck on the "boys" list at random)

I could probably name fifteen other current favorites without trying (Audioslave! Peter Mulvey! Dr. John! Warren Zevon!, but those were on top of the list)


1) Janis Ian, "On the Other Side" This song still makes me cry. So gorgeous, with the wonderful lyrics and the rich orchestration...
2) Vienna Teng, "Gravity" I played this song obsessively while writing Carnival. It probably suffices as a thematic statement for the book
3) Emmylou Harris, "Deeper Well" And I played this song obsessively while writing Whiskey and Water. In two words, it rocks.
4) Amy Ray, "Starkville" Recently sent to me on a mix CD by was06066. I love this song.
5) Ferron, "Stand Up" which is one of my anthems for bad days, weeks, years--and one of the songs that makes good days better.
6) Concrete Blonde, "Tomorrow, Wendy" I seem to like a lot of JFK assassination songs (Phil Ochs' "The Crucifixion" is another example, and Tori Amos' "Jackie's Strength")
7) Jann Arden, "Could I Be Your Girl?" which I love, in all its dysfunctional glory. (Actually, if you read it right, it's a song about coming into one's strength, but that's probably an imposed interpretation.)

...and I could go on.

I'm not going to tag anybody. That was hard.

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