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BPAL: Beltane

from mekkavandexter

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from <lj user="mekkavandexter">

<lj-cut text="Beltane">

<STRONG>BPAL Description:</STRONG> incredibly long. And doesn't actually tell you what's in the stuff.

<STRONG>My Notes:

</STRONG><EM>Vial:</EM> lilies, green grass, ylang ylang. I think. A wet springlike floral. Maybe some honeysuckle? Sweet things, green things.

<EM>Wet:</EM> Lilies still or maybe lilac. Definitely ylang ylang. Something spicy?

<EM>Drydown:</EM> fading off to a light sweet floral, but not a bad one. It's very springlike. Lilies or lilac--probably lilac, because it's not going scaring overwhelming breaten-to-death-with-a-posy like lilies do on me.

<EM>Dry: </EM>light floral

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