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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

This is Christmas music, right?

Yay! The CEM of Blood and Iron is here. I get to spend the next week or so going through it and making sure it doesn't suck.

Things I love about copy-edited manuscripts include the lists of proper nouns that come with them. They tell you so much about a book.

For example, let me offer you the double-yous:

Weyland Smith, the Weyland Smith
Whiskey - see Kelpie
William Butler Yeats
William the Bastard (aka William the Conqueror)


Now, don't you want to read this book?


Now, don't you want to read this book?

Yes! *g* So get it published already... ;)
Grrr. You've no idea, woman.
They must be an INCREDIBLE pain in the butt to make. But man, they're fantastic reading. It's like the whole book, in alphabetical order.

If I could go back in time, I'd bring Dickens a concordance of his work....
I sent my own style sheet with the last book--pulled it together when I was going through the last round of edits before the book got sent to the copyeditor.

Hopefully was useful to the copyeditor. I know it was useful to me, as it forced me to look at a few places where I was less consistent than I'd realized, and make decisions as to what my style was for various things.

It was fun to look at the list of things that came up. :-)
*g* This is the part where I always get really excited. The hard work is almost over with....

Re: A better use of your time . . .

I'm quite happy that, yes, all three books have been published as e-editions. They seem to be selling pretty well, too. *g*

Nice, because I make a bigger royalty percentage on those.

Re: A better use of your time . . .

I can make random guesses (having to do with the expense of the printing process) but why do you get a bigger royalty percentage on e-books?

Re: A better use of your time . . .

Exactly. *g* Lower production costs. More money for meeeeeeee.

Re: A better use of your time . . .now (Ebooks)

I bought Worldwired as an ebook; on sunday. goddamn it you are keeping me from my own words! it rawks by the way.
You didn't include a style sheet? Huh.

Who includes a style sheet? That's the copy-editor's job. I don't use Web11 or the Chicago manual of style--she'd just have to change everything anyway.
I've never hada problem with that.

Freaking typesetters who can't get the goddamned e on the end of breathe, those I have problems with. :-P
I'd always learned that while including a style sheet wasn't by any means required, it was a good idea, and tended to result in getting a better copyedit overall. Not so much for house-style issues (though I did go ahead and point out that I'd used serial commas throughout), but for the issues that are unique to one's own book--spelling of character names, capitalization of one's own proper nouns, that sort of thing.
No trolls in this one. There's a troll in Stratford Man, however...
You tell me!
If you get the pages wet, I'll know.
With W's like those, of course I want to read it!

I envy you your style sheet, though. Yesterday I got back the CE'd MS of the second book in my Egypt series, and the style sheet is only half a page long; it doesn't even list any of the proper names (which I would have thought absolutely necessary, since ancient Egyptian names can be transliterated so many different ways, and I'm not sure I was consistent in the spellings I chose). As a copy editor myself, I always find this sort of thing particularly irksome, since I know what kind of style sheet *I* would put together....
...man. That's not real good CEing. Is this for a major press? 'Cause I might be moved to complain.