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mother pusbucket. (Oh, look, there's still time to catch the late-arriving clue bus.)

You know that thing I mentioned earlier, and quoted Tim Powers on, regarding the creaking freepiness of wandering around through history and finding those weird little connections that make you go "Oh, wow, I'm not making this up (?interrobang!)"

Yeah, well, I just hit one of those, and discovered a gloriously messy collision between the Tam Lin book (Blood and Iron, which is a Tam Lin book, but not a Tam Lin retelling) and the Elizabethan books.

The Stratford Man and The Dead Shepherd just grew a sequel. (They end in 1605, except the epilogue, so thankfully this doesn't require a rewrite.)

If I can figure out how the hell to work this thing with the events in The Stratford Man.

I forbid you maidens all, that wear gaud in your hair, to come or go by Carterhaugh, for young Tamlane is there. (Which is to say, spoilers for history, and by extension, for Bear.)

In 1606, a son, William Davenant (later Sir William Davenant) was born to an inkeeper and his wife on the road between London and Stratford. A certain William Shakespeare, Gentleman of the King's Bedchamber etc etc, regularly traveled that road and--as a friend and frequent guest of the Davenants--was made the infant's namesake and godfather.

There's a persistant rumor that he was a bit more than that. (Which, as an aside, is one of the things that makes the syphilis story a little problematic, because William Davenant was the second of seven children, IIRC, and anyway, I digress.)

Anyway, Mistress Davenant's given name--

--was Jennet.


Yeah, Will, we all knew you couldn't keep that promise.


This, of course, renews my wondering about whether I can get Tamerlane into this sucker somehow....
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