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BPAL: Amsterdam

from mekkavandexter

BPAL Description:

Tulips, peony, fresh flowing water and crisp green grasses.

My Notes:

Vial: Spring. Wet loam and crushed flowers, cut grass and mud. Pinching daffodil stems between your fingers.

Wet: This reminds me of the smell of flowerbeds in spring. Seriously. It's a very green smell, and I know it's supposed to be tulips, but I'm getting crushed daffodils.

Drydown: same.

Dry: fades off except a light sweetness

The dead have come to claim a debt from me--

In beauty quandaries that don't exist among the socially acclimated, I may have to stop hennaing my hair. Because I'm getting enough gray to show, a little bit, at the temples, and I like my gray. But without the henna my hair goes very ash-blond, which makes me sad, because I like being a redhead.

What I need is a hair product that will bring out red highlights without turning the gray stands Titian.


P.S. Thirteen hours to Narnia!
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