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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

All right, guys, quit spoilering in the other comment threads.

If you want to have a spoileriffical conversation about the Jenny books, this would be the thread. Put it here!

Or should I just cave to my own pretentiousness and start a community? (Gah, I can't believe I'm even contemplating that.)

So, who else is looking at the new random RSS feed on Gmail and thinking, gee, just what I needed, even MORE 24-hour news saturation, YUM!?


Sorry about the spoilering - I didn't think about it being spoilers, just thought about it being your journal and wanting to discuss it.

And yes - a Jenny Casey community would be fun! *grins*
*g* yeah, I know thewhole wanting-to-talk-about-it thing. So, yanno, if you have questions or whatever, let fly. We'll do it here, where I don't have to be circumspect.
It would be fun!

And I finally started it l(huzzah!) last night on the bus ride home from work. :grin:

Cave! Cave! Give in to your baser impolses! *snicker*
Not that I'm joining the community, mind you. *grin* But why should I be the only idiot that starts random communities?

So, who else is looking at the new random RSS feed on Gmail and thinking, gee, just what I needed, even MORE 24-hour news saturation, YUM!?\
   I disabled it so I don't have to put up with it. I mean, te ads are bad enough, I don't eed to be force-fed disinteresting information along with with random and often inappropriate advertising.

Excuse. please. *hobbles off for coffee*
Well, a community would let other people post, is what I'm thinking....

What I'd like is to be able to assimilate news subconsciously, so I don't have to think about it.
It's not. Of course, there's more than Jenny to talk about.

What about "Casey's Canteen"? *g*

Hah, I should make you run it....
I kinda like worldwire.
*eggs on*

Yes, the horror!

Though it gave me a nummy looking gingerbread recipe yesterday.

I set it up so I get recipes and BBC news and the Word of the Day. I feel better now.

Just Say No To CNN.
Cake. We don't do the cookieish ones here. *g*
Yes. I just got presented with the concept of spam fajitas.

Which makes me want to:
(a.) Apologize to the cuisine of Mexico, even though I did not invent spam fajitas and have never eaten spam by choice.
(b.) Knock back a stiff shot of bourbon to get the imagined taste of spam fajitas out of my mouth.
(c.) Fumigate my brain.

You need bleeprin.
I'm told by our gracious hostess that the mental floss is in the cabinet in the bathroom.
Oooh, yes! Yes! Definitely a community!
You know, life sometimes surprises you in wonderful ways. I thought I'd have to wait till January for Worldwired, and instead it arrives Friday. I'm trying to count up all the things I loved about that book - I can't. There were too many. But the last few paragraphs - the last few paragraphs made the book, for me.

Walking through the water. Trying to get across.

Just like everybody else.

Best closing lines ever, in my opinion. Jenny earned that epilogue. It... completed things. Mostly when I finish books I liked as much as the Jenny books, I can't stand the thought of there not being more. With Hammered et al, they're finished finished, not hanging-in-the-air-maybe-there'll-be-a-sequel finished. Made me enjoy Worldwired all the better.

(Although I have to add I am</> very much looking forward to Blood and Iron)

When I started Worldwired I was aware I had a cold. 10 pages in, I'd already forgotten.

As soon as I have left the cold behind and am clear-headed again, I plan on reviewing it and singing its praises with the utmost praise to anyone who will listen.

(I should problem stop with the mad cazy fan thing already, right?)
hey, the mad crazy fan thing is why I do it. *g* I'm not crazy if everybody else can hear the voices in my head too.

I'm really glad you got the book promptly, and I'm very glad it worked for you.

I wrote that epilogue when I was two-thirds done with Scardown--it all kind of fell out of my head in a rush, and from there, I knew I just had to get there.

There may be more books set in that continuity, eventually--I have a half-formed idea for one called Spindrift--but yeah, Jenny's earned her peace and quiet. I agree. So I'm unlikely to break her world again.
Hee. God, that's too much like work.
I borrowed a copy from a friend, and should inhale it shortly. Aaaaaaaaaah!
Please do - one of my co-workers also wants to borrow the series, and I've had to tell her that my book 3 is currently unavailable.
I removed the default RSS feeds in Gmail and put in a selection of my friends list feeds, so now I'm only subjected to old LJ posts.
Go to the "Settings" link, then to Web Clips. You can turn off the Web Clips (feeds) completely, remove the ones you don't like, or add different ones there.