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While I'm gearing up to engage in some shameless self-promotion (watch this space), here's a bit of shameless friend-and-drinking-buddy-promotion:

scalzi has an interview up at the Agony Column.

naloblogger (aka the marvelous and talented Nalo Hopkinson) has a book sale ongoing to finance the purchase of a replacement computer. It is hard for a writer to write, in this day and age, withou a reliable thinking machine.

Also, there's a brief article regarding jhetley and the dragons of Maine up at Scifiwire.

ETA: Here's the shameless self-promotion, as promised.

hernewshoes, who is a hero of the revolution and who lives to embarrass me (in a good way) actually followed through on my suggestion that she should create an Elizabeth Bear discussion community, so I can maintain my entirely false pose of merely moderate interest. *whistles*

(You're totally not buying this, are you?)

It's over here: worldwire
(that's for you non-elljay types)
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