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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


Well, I spent today making a shiny new lj layout for myself--isn't it pretty?--and updating www.elizabethbear.com, which was a bloody massive undertaking.

So, updates.

News page now reflects actual current convention schedule!

People who oughta be linked are now linked on the links page! (hi, cmpriest)

Links for elizabethbear, worldwire, and the IBODF discussion forum have been added to the sidebar.

Bibliography updated! And current! Except for one sale I'm not allowed to talk about yet. (But it's just a short story; no worries.)

All the Jenny books have been moved to one page!

There's a Promethean Age page!

And a page for The Chains that You Refuse!

And one for Carnival and Undertow!

All of the above have some sort of writeup, though in a couple of places it's me faking it rather than actual flap copy. And I just used up the world supply of exclamation points.

Links to Booksense and Barnes and Noble added to all the book pages, too.

Oh, and the image mapping in the title bar is not the greatest. I'll fix it later. Maybe. If I can be moved to care. *g* (I'm going to have to put at least two more links up there anyway

Boy, am I freaking tired.


Lovely - green is my favorite color! (It's all about me. ;^)
Mine too!
Hm. Conventions. Oooh, Worldcon 64, Anaheim, my birthday weekend. Click on that! Uh...

First thing I see is Furry Fandom and suddenly I find myself thinking, LA is weird enough; let's just agree it's weird and I'll stay over here. *shudder*
*g* Worldcon is so much more than just furries.

And shouldn't they hire me to write promotional material?
Gorgeous new layout! I love it.

Interesting to know that one needs web/html skills as well as talent and writerly skills in today's publishing market.

one can always hire somebody. *g*

mekkavandexter did the initial layout of the web page, and I never would have come up with anything that good looking on my own.

okay, I laughed out loud at your post tag. :)
;-) we try.
hi HO! that's all lookin' purty good!

one point: at the bottom of the page on elizabethbear.com, instead of it doing something it probably should be doing, i see a code for some sort of PHP thing. and then the page just stops.

it's not just safari for the mac 'cause it does it in firefox too. in internext explorer, the whole page doesn't load. evil thing.

just info-izing.
No, there's a bunch of code errors at the bottoms of pages I have to fix. My hit counter, the image mapping, and the tables are having some kind of knock-down drag out. :-P

It doesn't help that I was recording Dreamweaver code by hand, either.
Am too tired to offer a proper HTML-ish site review/help. But it does seem like perhaps you could simply chop the nav bar big image up a little rather than having to use imagemaps. Also, that way the "elizabeth bear" text could be a link back to the home page, since there currently isn't one, and people will instinctively expect that logo/image too do just that.

Also, the bottom nav bar isn't working; there's some HTML errors there (looks like a copy-paste error).

okay, maybe not *too* tired. I could fix those, if that would help.

I *am* at the moment too tired to offer to re-do this with a stylesheet, thus making it a lot easier for you to update this without having to fuss with all those FONT tags every time, but that could be arranged when I do have brains.

You may find this of interest: another reader of Arcaedia's journal posted these small-based survey results of an LJ poll asking what people want in an authorial Web site. (I'd love to do a similar poll with a larger readership at some point.) http://www.livejournal.com/users/marikochan/318488.html#cutid1
...there is no bottom nav bar.

And no, it's a table fucking error, and every time I fix it, it chokes on some other bit of code. The table, the mapping, and the site meter are not playing nice together.
Ooh. Shiny!
ooh, you'll be at Boskone! cool! but your supposed Boskone link is actually to World Fantasy 2005. You want http://www.nesfa.org/boskone instead.

(note to self: pack books.)
I like the layout, but the sidebar links are very tiny :( May be a point or two bigger font?