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Well, I spent today making a shiny new lj layout for myself--isn't it pretty?--and updating, which was a bloody massive undertaking.

So, updates.

News page now reflects actual current convention schedule!

People who oughta be linked are now linked on the links page! (hi, cmpriest)

Links for elizabethbear, worldwire, and the IBODF discussion forum have been added to the sidebar.

Bibliography updated! And current! Except for one sale I'm not allowed to talk about yet. (But it's just a short story; no worries.)

All the Jenny books have been moved to one page!

There's a Promethean Age page!

And a page for The Chains that You Refuse!

And one for Carnival and Undertow!

All of the above have some sort of writeup, though in a couple of places it's me faking it rather than actual flap copy. And I just used up the world supply of exclamation points.

Links to Booksense and Barnes and Noble added to all the book pages, too.

Oh, and the image mapping in the title bar is not the greatest. I'll fix it later. Maybe. If I can be moved to care. *g* (I'm going to have to put at least two more links up there anyway

Boy, am I freaking tired.
Tags: pathetic self-promotion

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