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"Fire is *motivating*."

Put that way, it almost seems like I've been pretty productive recently. And JJA did a nice job of making me sound coherent. Note the clever use of brackets and ellipses to remove the worst of the digressions.

I think this is the end of the spate of SCI FI Wire coverage; I'll be slinking back into obscurity now.

This NPR segment is making me remember how much I loved Richard Pryor, his intelligence, his integrity, his incisiveness, and his refusal to blink.

And in addition to all that, he was funny. And funny in a way that could make you re-evaluate your preconceptions.

His like, as they say, shall not pass this way again.

You'll notice there hasn't been much newblogging here lately. This is because if I blogged everything that was pissing me off this winter, there would be no room nor time for anything else, and there are others who newsblog better than me.

ETA Via mechiaeh, The Cthulhu dildo cozy.

It doesn't even require comment, does it?
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