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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

BPAL: Black Forest

BPAL Description:

This is the captured scent of a cold, moonless night, lost deep within the darkest wood. Haunting and desolate, this scent evokes images of fairy tale tragedy and half-remembered nightmares. Thick, viscous pine with ambergris, black musk, juniper and cypress.

My Notes:

Vial: Cathedral pines. Oh, my. I'm in the Catskills, suddenly, on a wet morning just as the sun's coming up, and the pine needles dimple under each footstep, releasing a faint scent of decay, and the mist coils around my ankles.

Wet: Musky and coniferous. The musk is warm, though, rather than unpleasantly bitter as it often goes on my skin. A strong, relaxing scent. Mmm. The ambergris--or something--adds a lovely mellow richness that takes the astringency off the pine.

I smell like a Christmas tree. And not any pissant West-Coast Christmas tree, a Douglas fir or whatever other droopy craptastic tree they truck down from Oregon. No, a real Christmas tree, a squat fat-bellied blue spruce you cut down yourself at the Christmas tree farm the local orchard runs in the off season, as wide as it is tall.

Okay, homesick now.

Drydown: Soft pine and musk and juniper--it now smells like the Christmas wreaths I used to make, with spruce boughs and juniper berries and bittersweet and sprays of wild rose hips and barberry.

Dry: Mmm. A bed of pine boughs to pad your sleeping bag. Yum.

In other news, today is stwish's birthday. It's also Jennifer Connelly's birthday. She's 35, which makes her about nine months older than I am.

I have an enduring fondness for Ms. Connelly. having identified excessively with her character (my namesake) in Labyrinth. I suspect that character's refusal to be bought out by romantic blandishments is in large part responsible for my failure to assimilate into mainstream society.


It might be part of the reason, at least.

That movie also introduced me to Trevor Jones. Which means that two movies I really like feature Connelly and Jones, because there's also Dark City (the best Phillip K. Dick movie never made) to consider.

I did think she was prettier before she lost so much weight, though. Pressures of the job, I know. But she doesn't make my jaw drop the way she used to.


I bought Dark City on DVD, mostly just to see Jennifer, I'm sure. Probably the only reason I went to see Dark Water, too, come to think of it.
This freaked me out but only for a moment before I realised that you meant the Trevor Jones who is not my boyfriend.

I liked JC in LABYRINTH, too.
And am I the only person left alive who remembers when she and Sarah Jessica Parker were the leads in the sitcom Square Pegs?
Requiem for a Dream totally ruined Jennifer for me. :(



"Labyrinthe"'s a favourite movie at my house, too - with one of the best movie quotes ever: "Love me, fear me, do everything I say, and I will be your slave."
The last thing I remember seeing Jennifer Connelly in is "The Hulk" - and that was not a pleasant experience. However, I'm planning on renting "Some Girls" also starring Patrick Dempsey, and later on "House of Sand and Fog". Has anyone here seeing either of these films?
In a world of Barbie doll's and Heather Locklear, Jennifer Connolly made me feel good about my dark hair and pale skin.
Was resisting the romantic blandishments or that she's way cute? Could go either way for me.

You realize that you were hypnotized by David Bowie and the crystal ball thringie. That's the only reason anyone likes Labrynth.... David Bowie subliminally told us we did. David Bowie told us we---- I have to go watch Labrynth now.

Oh man, how can you guys talk about Jennifer Connelly and not mention A Beautiful Mind? One of the best movies of this new century! Okay, she was way overshadowed by Crowe but who isn't. I don't care what kind of jerk he is in real life, that he didn't win the Oscar for this was a major injustice. Highway robbery. Barratry on the high seas.


Sorry. I get carried away. Possibly because I'm married to a crazy scientist myself.